XFL Week 3 Ratings: Viewership falls but attendance grows

XFL week 3 ratings saw an average of 1.7 million viewers, down from the 2.3 million from week 2.

XFL News Hub reports that Saturday’s game of Houston Roughnecks vs. Tampa Bay Vipers game on ABC averaged 1.9 million viewers. The peak viewership was 2.5 million.

Sunday’s New York Guardians vs St. Louis BattleHawks game on ESPN averaged 1.4 million viewers and peaked with 1.6 million. Sunday’s ABC  Roughnecks-Vipers game on averaged 1.9 million viewers, peaked with 2.5 million viewers.

Overall, The XFL saw a much smaller dip in viewership from week 2 into week 3 than they saw week 1 into week 2. I believe if the XFL can retain 1.5-2.0 million viewers week to week, they will be in good shape.

One good metric for the XFL is ticket sales. Week 1 they sold 70,000 tickets. In week 3, they grew that number to 82,000. The interesting number to see would be how many of those were sold prior to the relaunch of the XFL and how many were sold since it’s return.

All in all, the XFL seems to be steadily finding their footing.

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