XFL Ratings for week 5: The nail biting should start now

The XFL has seen ratings fall since day one. The downward trend hasn’t been a massive problem for the startup league, until now.

The XFL is seeing its first game dip below 1 million viewers. According to XFL News Hub, Sundays games saw less than 1 million viewers tune in.


Seattle Dragons at Houston Roughnecks game Saturday on ABC averaged 1.547 million viewers

New York Guardians at Dallas Renegades game Saturday on Fox averaged 1.497 million viewers


St. Louis BattleHawks at DC Defenders afternoon game on FS1 averaged 767 thousand viewers (Ranked 22nd out of 150 Cable TV programs on Sunday)

Tampa Bay Vipers at LA Wildcats primetime game on ESPN (9pm ET) averaged 833 thousand viewers (6th for the night on all of Cable)

XFL News Hub

Saturday’s game was able to hold a decent percentage of the audience. The XFL needs to start looking at more ways to get the word of their games out. I have seen ads on social, but I haven’t really seen that many TV ads or heard and radio/podcast ads.

It might be that Saturday’s games were on Broadcast TV versus Sunday’s games being on ESPN that helped retain a the audience. XFL brass need to figure out a way to make sure they can maintain 1 million views on each game.



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