XFL Ratings for Week 4: Viewership continues to fall, but not by much

The XFL ratings for the 3rd straight week has fallen, but not by a huge margin. Week 4 of the XFL saw an average of 1.4 million viewers, down from 1.6 million from week three. According to Mike Mitchell, here is the breakdown by day and game.

Saturday 2/29

ABC: Wildcats @ Guardians 1.558 million viewers
Fox: Dragons @ BattleHawks 1.802 million viewers

Sunday 3/1
FS1: Roughnecks @ Renegades 1.113 million viewers
ESPN 2: Defenders @ Vipers 1.030 million viewers

The attendance for week 4 was also down about 14%. XFL news hubs broke down the numbers:

Up until week four, the league had been seeing a rather steady climb in overall numbers. From week one to week two, the league’s overall attendance rose 9.26% (to 76,285). From week two to week three attendance rose 7.41% (to 81,942). Now, from week three to week four attendance dropped 14.31% (to 70,214).

XFL News 

We are at the half way mark thru the season. It will be interesting to see if the XFL is able to retain a good portion of their audience entering March Madness.

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