XFL Creditors believe Vince McMahon will restart the league

The XFL may have a third life and the third time is the charm, right?

Vince McMahon brought back the XFL after a 19 year hiatus in February. Shortly there after, the XFL postponed and then cancelled the return season. A month later, the XFL officially filed for bankruptcy. Now, the creditors of the XFL believe that Vince McMahon will be wait out the Coronavirus pandemic and restart the league.

Daniel Kaplan of The Athletic is reporting that the belief is that McMahon will attempt to repurchase the defunct league in a “fire sale”. One of the clue Kaplan is using is the fact that the league has announced plans to repay fans $3.5 million if they were a season pass holder. Many believe that this is an attempt by the league to gain some goodwill from the XFL loyals.

If McMahon were to rebuy the league from bankruptcy, he would be force to rebuild the XFL from the ground up. McMahon had committed to spending up to $500 million on the second run of the XFL.

The XFL President Jeffrey Pollack has reportedly contacted stadiums in St. Louis and Seattle about reinstating the XFL stadium leases.

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