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Xbox One new Dashboard

Well, Xbox owners we got a brand new U.I. (User interface)  or dashboard for the Xbox One, what did it change? Well from the visual side of it once you open it up you’ll notice you no longer have to go left to right to get to the different tabs on the console. Instead, all we have to do is just go up and down, even better you can put what you use the most below the home page. For example, if you have pins to certain games and apps like me then you can put that right under it and then have the store, mixer, etc.

These all make the U.I. a lot smoother to me if I am being honest because I no longer have to go through each tab to get to the store. Also when you now go into the My games and apps menu you will notice that there is no ready to install list anymore. Now, like the PS4 U.I. there is a library that has all the games you have uninstalled and installed waiting for you. Don’t worry though if you just want to get to your apps or games that are installed you can still just go to those tabs as well.
This whole fix to me is mainly focused on grouping and making it easier to locate and download games from either your own library, the game pass, or EA access. The new U.I. also marks down the games that are a Demo or Trial in your library as well.  It makes all of this much easier to maneuver around in. by bundling everything together. I even notice and this might just be a personal problem but everything goes a lot faster when you’re clicking around the U.I.


In the messaging side of thing Microsoft also made it possible to send images and Gif to each other. Granted this is really cool, but can also be a little worrying to those who deal with a lot of toxic players. But wait there’s more we can now also pick and choose where we want the notifications to pop up on our screams . So, if you hate it poping up  in the middle of your screen no worry you can fix that by going into your settings.


All and all this such a great update and really giving us the user the options to really personalize our dashboards and made it a lot easier to see all the games you have access to as well through the different subscriptions. I think if this is the last U.I. change before series X comes out later this year I feel that this is a great note to leave it on. Giving us tons of new options and a lot more ease of use.

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