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X Factor Live Blog!

And the live blog is officially underway!

Auditions continue in Long Island…

Up first is Melanie Wright 48, and she loves gloves just like Paulina! She will be singing Titanium by David Guetta and this is pretty painful to watch in a very bad way! The look on the judges faces says it all. Simon asked why she chose that song and it was like finding out Cinderella works at the playboy mansion…Awkward! Looks like they were obvious no’s across the panel.

Oksana Mamchur gave the judges painful looks and obviously they all agreed on Noooo!

Rob Zarro was super funny and energetic but Simon thought it was like watching something out of Austin Powers

Maya Lehmann made me laugh because her voice was bad! Simon thought her singing wasn’t even human haha!

Ruben Gloria is dressed like tiger…WHAT! No from all the judges…not off to a good start.

We got a super cutie up next who all the contestants seem to be flirting with, he’s Emery Kelly, 15. He’s singing I Won’t Give Up by Jason Mraz and no lie hes pretty good, could have improvement but good! The girls are loving him and Simon thinks hes an unpolished diamond who can grow. Emery got 4 yeses!


Were back with Khaya Cohen, 15 and Simon cuts her off saying the song isn’t working but I thought she was doing really well. She’s got a chance to sing her 2nd song and DAMN this girl has a lovely jazzy type voice and I’m loving it! Guess what…so are the judges! Demi is so excited to hear a voice like hers, Paulina can’t believe that came out of a 15 year old voice. Simon thinks she sounds like Amy Winehouse and Adele. WOAH! Demi predicts they will see her in the final! Ms. Khaya got all yeses!


Woah high voice! This is weird..Joseph Tolve, 19 is singing Skyscraper by Demi and he’s sadly butchering her wonderful song. The judges think his voice should be for a voice over artist and they wish him luck but no no no no from the judges.

James Kenny from Portland Oregon has such a cute family! And damnnnnnnn his voice! Reminds me of Adam Levine. He is really putting some soul into his singing. The ladies were delighted along with Simon. Everyone gave a yes for James! Awwww his family came onstage so CUTE!


A football player, Isaac Tauaefa, 23. Demi said maybe football wasn’t his calling music is. All the judges vote yes!

Chase Goehring, 17 wrote his own song and performed very well. 4 yeses

Allison Davis, sing it girl! 4 yeses.

Isabel Requena, can sure as hell sing! 4 yeses

Isiah Alston has such a soulful voice WOW! Demi thinks he has a potential to be a little Michael Jackson! 4 yeses.

Hello hot guy who is performing for his girlfriend, so freaking cute! OMG! He’s going to propose onstage!! Her dad just gave his blessing! This is adorable! Such love birds. He’s singing Nice and Slow by Usher. Oh noooo, he can’t sing I’m so upset this whole moment was going so well! All the judges are voting nooo! Oh wait his girlfriend is auditioning too! Lauren is singing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry and hello she sings pretty great! Oh boy oh boy! He’s about to propose!!! AHHH he’s on one knee AHHH he just proposed!!!!!!!!! She said YESSSS!!!! The crowd is going wild!!!!! Ok awkward all the judges said no? I thought she was good though..ok then.


Now were going over to Denver. Ok looks like Simon is late, show must go on!

Tim Olstad ┬áis super nervous! Lets hope all goes well for him! He’s singing one of my all time personal favorite songs A Thousand Years by Christina Perri. Aw hes so scared and nervous but is singing wonderful! All the girls are giving 100% yes! He gave me chills and Demi.

Simon is back!!! And he said he heard him sing and he liked it!


Were back, be sure to watch tomorrow to find out who the judges choose to mentor.

Looks like someone is head over heels for Kelly! Wesley Mountain I think your drooling. He is so in love! Woah talk about balls! He just walked up to her and kissed her hand! He’s singing Wanted by Hunter Haynes. So I’m skeptical he’s good but has moments that don’t sound good he could use some work. Demi said she thought he was so creepy at first but has a good voice and he went from creepy to cute. Simon thinks he should take a cold shower. Wesley is a lucky guy and got yeses from all the judges.


Celine Polenghi has a cute outfit and fantastic voice! Simon thinks she has massive potential and he sees a future popstar. 4 big fat yeses!

Bree Randall, 20 sings Treasure by Bruno Mars. Yes from all the judges.

Primrose Martin sings Nobody’s Perfect by Jessie J. 4 yeses.

Summer Reign, WOAH she can sing! Got all 4 yeses from the judges.

The girls category is looking extremely good!

Ricky Clark, 19 loves to sing and knows he has the X Factor, hello confidence! He will sing Superstition by Stevie Wonder. Simon didn’t like what he heard but he sang pretty well I think. Kelly is giving him a pep talk. The judges say its a no for now but I honestly thought he sang really good!


Lets take a ride to L.A with only Kelly and Simon present.

We have a women athlete, Lorie Moore, in the house singing I Got Nothing by Whitney Houston. The crowd is going wild because hell yeah she can sing so good! Kelly thinks she didn’t sing she SANG! Simon thinks it was more than an audition but a performance and that she is very good. 2 yeses!


Second Hand High is up and Demi is back as well. They are singing an original song. OHHH MYYY GOSHHH!!! I am so embarrassed for them…Its a funny catchy song but noooooo. Simon thinks they should change the name of them to deluded and he won’t ask them to dance! Kelly liked the main lyrics and thought it was catchy. Demi liked watching the audience dance. Nooo from the judges.

OHMYGOSH the judges made a music video spoof to the song!!! I’m dying!!! This is very funny ahaha!


Tomorrow night the auditions conclude, be sure to watch! Mentors meet their categories. Only 40 contestants! Watch tomorrow at 8est! Thanks for joining me tonight on my live blog! Have a fabulous night!


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