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X-Box Series X: What we know

At 2019 Game Awards Microsoft finally unveiled the new Xbox system simply called series X. Granted not the greatest name around but still it’s going to be an exciting new generation if Microsoft keeps all the promises they made. On that note, Microsoft did come out and say that this is not the new Xbox’s title. The next generation’s name is simply just Xbox.

While I find this to be super weird because the OG Xbox was just called Xbox I feel that there will be some brand confusion among those who don’t know too much about gaming as a whole. The reason behind all of this is because this may be the last generation of the console so it would make sense that it is just called Xbox from now on. In order to have one solid brand with a new version of that hardware coming out much as a PC would.

We know that it will be released sometimes Holiday 2020 with no exact date given yet, or for that matter a price the current rumor is set the price will be $499 and is in the same range as the last generation Xbox one. Only time will tell if this is the exact price in the coming year.

On the positive side, Microsoft did state that there is going to be over a thousand games across all generations of Xbox’s. available to play at launch including a brand-new Halo game Halo Infinite which from the one trailer we have looked to be a very interesting addition to the Halo franchise.

On that note, as you can see from the cover image this new console looks like a Pc tower at this point and from the sound of the specs, this thing is becoming a PC just with an Xbox logo on it. Which you can decide for yourself if that’s a bad thing or not, but this Xbox fan is excited for what the future holds.

As well as Microsoft picking up a ton of developers to work on first-party exclusives to now bolster their next-gen system. Hopefully, we will get some exclusive games that are you know worth playing. Who knows what next year E3 will bring? As well as the new XCloud service that is releasing sometime next year as well. It seems to me that the future is going to be bright for not only gaming but for Xbox series X and whatever else it brings.  

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