Why Sony drops the price of PlayStationNow

This week Sony announced it would drop the prices of its much-underused steaming service PlayStationNow from the 19.99 a month it was at to now a 9.99 a month package. Why the sudden change though? For those of you who don’t even know what PlaystationNow trust me its ok that you don’t, it is was up until this week a subscription you were able to stream a large number of games on. Including games like The Last of Us and even the older Ratchet and Clank games. Why didn’t it do well? For started at its lowest price it was 19.99 a month and require a strong WIFI signal to play because you aren’t downloading games you are streaming them. Which brought problems of its own if you didn’t have a decent WIFI signal.

Well, I can tell you that Sony is doing this in hopes to probably boost the numbers of that subscription. A lot of games publisher are coming out with their very own subscription. Microsoft has the Game pass a service that is 9.99 a month that gives you access to hundreds of games and you can even download them to play offline. Not only that but Microsoft is really pushing for this to work because of all of their exclusive go right to the pass night of launch.

PlayStationNow, however, has never had that option and in fact, always requires to stream the games which cause a lot of latency issues. And if your gaming that can totally ruin whatever you’re playing. The biggest question is why now? Why did Sony choose to make their subscription that has basically been a failure up to this point cheaper?

My best guess so more people will come to take a look at it the next generation of gaming will be fought with subscription service for you to play your games on overspending 60 bucks a pop. On top of that, this could be a response to Google Stadia launching next month. It’ll be interesting to see if Google can fix the gaming latency issue that comes with streaming. If you don’t know what Google Stadia is then wondered no more.

Google Stadia is Googles brand new way to steam all kinds of games on any device whether it be your phone, Pc, TV, or tablet. So, this could be why both Microsoft and Sony are not only beefing up their subscription services but also why Microsoft is bringing Xcloud their new streaming service into the mix as well. Only time will tell what will happen in the coming new generations of consoles I’m certainly interested in seeing what The Stadia brings to the table.

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