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Walking Dead Recap: Slabtown

Walking Dead “Slabtown” 11/02/14


“It’s easy to make a deal with the devil when you’re not the one paying the price” ~Joan

Beth! Welcome back. Or are we starting over again… no! Beth is back and is in some creepy hospital

where the windows aren’t washed and the city outside has not only been zombie-fied but bombed.


So the cops round up people they find out and about in the black cars with the cross on the back, and

those they can save with few resources they do, the rest they stick through the head and dump down

the elevator shaft. (Reference, “there’s room for one more” from the original Twilight Zone.”) Beth

survived, but is now told there is a price to pay before she can leave. This is evidenced by Joan, who

was previously saved, but then probably attacked by one of the cops. Joan ran off, she was caught

again but bit, now they cut off her arm.

The doctor tells Beth to give a patient a medication, but the patient dies. She knows she was set up,

but a sympathetic worker, Noah, takes the blame and is beaten for the mistake. They decide to make

a break. Beth sneaks into the cops’ office for a key, and finds Joan has killed herself on the floor.

Creepy attack guard (Goreman… Gore-Man, get it?) comes in to get the best of Beth, who then leaves

him for a now turned Joan.

Beth mis-directs more of the cops to the office of death, while she and Noah make a break for it down

the elevator shaft of love, I mean gore. They make it outside, Noah gets away but Beth is caught by

the group. The doctor then admits to Beth that he had her kill the patient because he knew the guy

was a doctor, and the group wouldn’t need to keep him anymore. Last shot, a new patient has arrived

at the hospital… Carol!

Let’s see if next week’s episode is just as sick!

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