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Walking Dead Recap: No Sanctuary

Walking Dead Recap

Walk with Me

Walking Dead “No Sanctuary” 10/12/14


“You’re a good guy. That’s why you’re going to die today.” Here’s where we left at the end of last season: “You’re screwing with the wrong people!.” And here’s where we start… they’re screwed. Our fearless friends are preparing to attack their captors from inside the railcar when oh surprise…their captors have the upper hand, and Glenn, Rick, Bob and Daryl end up in…

(Wait a minute, are we in MY movie? Zipties, surgical tables, sharp knives… www.Shelltermovie.com)

…a murder trough! The plastic covered butchers whack victims with a baseball bat, slit their throats and let them bleed out. (Before taking them into the back and prepping them to make tasty snacks.) Yes friends, Soylent Green lives. But before they can hurt our friends… BOOM! Back along the tracks, Carol, Tyrese and baby Judith wander toward Terminus, and stumble upon a perimeter guard, and knowing he is up to no good, take him hostage. Carol leaves the group to check out Terminus and uses the trick played in the very first episode… she slimes up with the goop and guts from dead walkers. Carol sees her friends in a bad position at Terminus, shoots walkers and blows up a propane tank to divert attention and gain entry… BOOM! She comes face to face with BBQ Mary, who tells her that the group at Terminus didn’t start off this way, but slowly found that you are either the cattle or the butcher in this new world. And following all the fighting and walker invasion, it appears Terminus is terminal.

The boys escape, get the gang from the railcar and make their way to the woods where they reconnect with Carol! Then baby Judith! But no one in this episode re-connected with their own humanity. As we saw from flashbacks, those who ran Terminus started out as kind, hopeful people, just like our friends. And then, they turned.

And hey, what about that little extra scene after the credits… hello Morgan, where have you been?

And can I also ask, where’s Beth?

Glad to be back… see you next week!

Amy Donley is rotting, but not rotten, in her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” (download a copy

at amazon.com). But she pulls herself together to write this blog, and hopes you will friend her on


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