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The Walking Dead Recap: Distance

The Walking Dead episode  “The Distance” 2/22/15




“What would it take to convince you this is for real?”~ Aaron

To trust, or not to trust. Our group has tried it both ways and let’s face it, a little stranger danger is appropriate in this new world.


Maggie and Sasha bring Aaron back to the barn, where he tries very hard to convince the group there is a safe place for them… if they can pass what he calls “the audition”.


Michonne is ready to settle down, let’s give this guy a chance. Rick says no way. Repeat this sentence through most of the episode.


They tie up Aaron, and check out his story (how many of you thought Glenn was going to end up as biter food when they were fighting in the dark? I did!) Lo and behold, he seems to be telling the truth. They meet up with Aaron’s boyfriend, who has broken his ankle, and they soldier on to Aaron’s community, Alexandria.


And how about that sweet nod to Dale, when Glenn is asked how he would know there were extra batteries in the RV? Just the look on his face was great.


They stop outside the gate… will these next steps mean relief or zombie riots for our friendly survivors?


And… who knew? A gun fits in a blender…

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