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Walking Dead Recap: You Can’t Go Home Again


The Walking Dead episode  “What Happened and What’s Going On” 2/8/15




“It’s better now.”~ Mika, with sister Lizzie


I would like to officially re-name this episode, “You Can’t Go Home Again.”


We see flashes of a home, family photos and a grave being dug. Our group is discussing Beth, and how she wanted to go to Richmond Virginia, where Noah said there was a safe, walled neighborhood where they could all go.


They travel the 500 miles only to find… everyone dead inside. Noah is distraught. While collecting supplies, Rick and Glenn debated whether it mattered that Dawn was killed back at the hospital during the deadly Beth exchange, and Michonne let the guys know they will need to settle down somewhere.


Tyrese tried to comfort Noah, who decided to check in on his home, where his mom and twin brothers lived. Tyrese finds among the boys’ trophies mom dead in the living room, and another family member in the bedroom. Transfixed by happy family photos, one of the twins gets a bite out of Tyrese.

Look! It’s Mika and Lizzie telling Tyrese it’s better now. The terminiun who told Tyrese that he was just too nice to live long. Beth! Singing a song. Bob! Whose philosophy was, “that’s just the way it’s going to be.” And Oh, the Governor! (I actually yelped when I saw him.) He told Tyrese that he had a debt to pay. In the middle of all this dreamlike review…. WHACK! Michonne’s katana takes off Tyrese’s arm to try and save him.


Our friends get Tyrese to the car, and try to re-group to get him some help but, it’s too late. Tyrese was presumably de-zombiefied and buried by the side of the road.


Our rag-tag group is now off to D.C. with one less compassionate soul. Have they all hardened beyond repair? Is anything or anyplace safe anymore? Could they welcome anyone new into the group? More adventures in the coming weeks!


Amy Donley has a mind for blogging and a body for… well, she has no body. You can download her award-winning movie “SHELLTER” from amazon.com. More information about the film can be found at www.shelltermovie.com. Then find Amy on facebook and make her your friend!

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