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The Walking Dead Recap: “Them”


The Walking Dead episode  “Them” 2/15/15




“This is how we survive. We tell ourselves we are the walking dead.”~ Rick

Grief. Finally. An episode where we see our team reacting to previous events. Maggie in tears over losing her father then sister. Sasha, numb after losing Bob then Tyrese. Darryl disconnected after losing Beth.


The gang has been driving from Atlanta to D.C. When the car runs out of gas, they walk. At this point they are walking, it’s hot, and they are almost out of water and they are hungry. They are dirty and tired. Yes, they look like the walking dead.


This will forever be known as the episode that answers the question, will they eat anything if they get hungry enough? Darryl ate a nice juicy earthworm. And after being confronted by a pack of angry dogs… let’s just say our group ate well that night.


A rainstorm takes care of the water problem, and our group finds themselves seeking shelter in a barn… that is quickly over-run by walkers. Despite their exhaustion, the group springs into action to keep the walkers out… and then mother nature takes over. We see the aftermath the next morning that trees have fallen all around, crushing or trapping the walkers.


Maggie and Sasha are enjoying the sunrise, when a very clean guy who looks like he just stepped out of an LL Bean catalog says “Hi, I’m Aaron. I’d like to talk to the person in charge-Rick right? I have good news.”


WHAAAAAT?  I can’t wait until next week!


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