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The Voice Week 2 Live Blog!!!

TGIM – Time for Week 2 of The Voice! Join us as we will be holding another live blog during the show! Let’s see who else is added to Coaches Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake’s teams!


Morgan Frazier is the first contestant for tonight. There’s a video flashback to when she first started singing, and it was adorable! She comes out singing, “I Want You to Want Me” and immediately Gwen Stefani pushes her button!

Morgan has a Taylor Swift, in the earlier years, feel, and surprisingly Blake waited until almost the last second to push his button. Adam says he is on Team Gwen for this one, just so Blake wouldn’t get Morgan on his team. Then the moment comes, and Morgan chooses… Team Blake!!


Next up, Amanda Ayala, who says right away she has a Rock N’ Roll type of voice. It is so rare to see female singers like this, so I am really looking forward to what she will bring to the table. Amanda begins singing and starts rocking her heart out… Get it? Too much.

Well the song goes onĀ and then Adam, Pharrell, and Blake all push their buttons! After going back and forth, Amanda chooses…. Team Adam!!!!

Although she does admit that if Gwen pushed her button, she would have chose Team Gwen. *sad face*


Following the break, we now have Jefferey Austin, who hasn’t performed on-stage in 6 years! He comes out singing Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” Not too long after he starts singing, Gwen pushes her button!

The song comes to an end and Gwen is the only one with her chair turned. Therefore resulting in Jefferey getting a shirt for Team Gwen!!


Lindsey Elm works for her family business, although she was singing at such a young age, she was more on the athletic side and it wasn’t until after high school that she actually started to enjoy music.

Lindsey comes out performing a stripped down of version of “Lips Are Moving” and right away Gwen pushes her button! Not too long after Pharrell and Adam push their buttons. Then that moment comes.. Blake pushes his! Making it a 4 chair turnaround! After hearing each coach give their pitch, Lindsey chooses… Team Gwen!!


Joe Maye comes with his 2 sisters and adorable nephew. He used to be a performer on a cruise ship during meals, and even has his own band. He comes out singing “Word Up!” which by no means is an easy song to sing. So I give him props for choosing that song.

Joe went all out while singing, unfortunately, because he was moving around so much, the singing sounded like he was so out of breath. None of the coaches pushed their buttons for Joe, but all gave him great feedback.


Professional photographer, Manny Cabo, is trying to pursue his love for music. As soon as he starts singing, Adam pushes his button! Then not too long after, Blake pushes his button, then soon after Pharrell pushes his button.

As the song got closer to the end, Gwen pushes her button making it a 4 chair turnaround!

And then he chooses… Team Adam!!


Madi Davis grew up with hearing troubles and she never knew if she was truly a singer. She has a sweet raspy voice, which results in both Pharrell and Gwen pushing their buttons.

As soon as she finishes the song Madi cannot hold back her smile and it is one of the sweetest moments ever. After Gwen and Pharrell go about throwing their pitches and trying to persuade Madi one way or another, ultimately, she chooses…. Team Pharrell!!! Making that the first contestant added to his team tonight.


Caleb Lee Hutchinson has the full on Country Singer look and as an viewer, you can only hope he gets on Team Blake.

While Caleb is singing for the coaches, the camera pans over at Adam who you can just tell is staring at Blake like “Push your button dude!”

Sadly, Caleb does not get any chairs turned, however each Voice coach gives him sweet compliments and feedback.


Chris Crump was in a band with his family growing up. Him and his wife left during their wedding reception just so he could go and audition for the local Voice auditions. Talk about being a super supportive wife!

Chris admits he would love to work with either Pharrell or Adam Levine, so fingers crossed one, if not both, of these guys pushes their button!

He comes out singing Ed Sheeran’s famous “Thinking Out Loud” and once he hits the chorus, one by one, Adam, Pharrell, Blake, and Gwen push their buttons! Officially a 4 chair turnaround!

Chris makes the hard decision and decides to pick…. Team Blake!!!


Tyler Dickerson works with his dad at a fencing company, but began singing at a young age and was known as The Outlaw Kid. He got signed with a record label, and in the middle of the tour, he got a call saying the label was pulling the plug.

Tyler comes rocking out to “Hard to Handle” and not long after Blake pushes his button!

The song comes to an end, and since Blake was the only one to push his button, Tyler is now on Team Blake!


Jubal and Amanda are the final contestants for the night. A lovely duo that have made their passion for music part of their life together.

They come out singing a sweet ballad that equally shows their awesome vocal skills. Pharrell and Gwen both push their buttons!

Blake asks if the couple is married and Amanda replies back saying “No not yet,” and in that moment Jubal gets down on one knee, and PROPOSES ON STAGE.

Not that it wasn’t exciting enough, the newly engaged couple chooses to join…. Team Pharrell!!!!


Thank you all for keeping up with our live blog tonight!

Join us tomorrow night for night 2 of week 2!!

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