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The Voice Top 12 Performances – Live Blog!

We are finally back to normal this week, now it is the viewers who get to decide who continues on and who gets eliminated this week on The Voice! (There’s many ways you can vote, only 1 person will be going home this week!)

Each performer is being mentored by their specified coaches as well as performer, Garth Brooks. We have a long night of performances ahead, so let’s get started!

First up to perform tonight is Sundance Head, from Team Blake Shelton. Sundance was clearly blown away to have Garth Brooks their assisting him in rehearsals.

Sundance Head makes the brave decision to perform the song “My Church”, which is normally sang by a female, but it does not seem to be a bad decision and he amazes the crowd and ends with a standing ovation from coach Blake Shelton! 

The other coaches believe that Sundance was meant to perform on a big stage, and Coach Blake says he believes Sundance’s performance skills are something that other performers strive for.


Back from break, next we have Darby Walker, from Team Miley Cyrus, who is actually a huge fan of Garth Brooks. Coach Miley describes her voice as being “ageless”, and Garth Brooks is almost brought to tears during her rehearsals.

Darby Walker chose to sing, “Ruby Tuesday” and truly gives an amazing, and vulnerable performance!


Next up we have Christian Cuevas, from Team Alicia Keys, who shares that he’s singing “The Scientist” and is dedicating the performance to his girlfriend.

Garth Brooks admits that Christian hit a range that would normally take two people to sing, and he hit it so perfectly!

Christian absolutely rocks it during this performance!


Sa’Rayah from Team Alicia Keys is up next! She shares how she’s currently going through a tough time in her life, so she has chosen to sing “Livin On a Prayer”.

Garth seems very excited for her performance, and how she changed it up to still make it her own.

Overall, it is a very powerful rendition of the song, and the crowd seemed to enjoy every second of it!

Miley describes how Sa’Rayah was meant to perform some rock songs! Alicia shares how proud she is and that she is also meant to be on stage!


Up next is Billy Gilman from Team Adam Levine. Billy has chosen to perform “The Show Must Go On”, and it has Coach Adam saying that he believes he could win this whole competition.

Billy absolutely kills the performance, and definitely proved himself as a performer, he did not disappoint with this song!

At one point during his performance, the camera pans over to Coach Adam, who has a shocked look on his face, because that is how great of a performance this was; he brings everyone to their feet by the end of the performance!


Austin Allsup from Team Blake Shelton is up next and shares that Garth Brooks is his favorite artist!

“Do Right Woman, Do Right Man” is the song of choice from Austin, and it is clearly a challenge for him, but I’m sure having Garth there helping him through it all was a great experience.

Though rehearsals seemed to be a little bit of a struggle, his live performance was very impressive as he clearly took the advice from his mentors!


17-year-old We McDonald, from Team Alicia Keys. She brings a picture from a year ago with Alicia Keys and talks about how, when Adam Levine was on the show, Ellen Degeneres mentioned her and how great of a singer she was.

We McDonald has chosen to perform “Take Me to Church” and it is made very clear that Garth Brooks cannot begin to fathom that it is We who is singing, as her singing voice is so different from her regular voice.

The crowd is very pleased with We’s performance as she totally rocks this song! Even Coach Alicia calls her “the real deal”.


From Team Miley Cyrus, we have Aaron Gibson performing “Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings”.

It is not a very well known song, so it is a challenge for Aaron to try and perform it in a way that the audience can connect to it.

Aaron does not disappoint with this performance though, and Blake describes it as a Godzilla performance with fire coming out (which I’m assuming is a positive thing?)


Next is Courtney Harrell from Team Blake Shelton. After being saved by her coach last week, Courtney feels as if she really needs to prove herself so that Blake does not regret anything. She has chosen to perform “Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” in dedication to her son who has been away at college and will finally be able to watch her perform tonight!

It was such a beautiful and vulnerable performance that truly had me in tears, especially when the camera panned over to her son who was clearly very proud of his mother’s performance!


Country singer, Josh Gallagher from Team Adam Levine is up next performing “Why”. Josh just about loses it when he meets his idol, Garth Brooks. 

Both Garth and Adam agree that this is the perfect song for Josh to perform, and I could not agree more as it truly is a great performance!


Next up is Team Miley Cyrus, with Ali Caldwell performing “Did I Ever Love You”, which is a very sweet tribute, since the original singer just passed away recently.

At first, it is clear that Ali does not like the song that Coach Miley has chosen for her, this ends up motivating her more to perfect the song.

She does so well that, Blake actually believe that she has now become the front-runner of the competition!


Finishing up tonight is Brendan Fletcher from Team Adam Levine! 

Brendan goes all out performing “Whipping Post”, and amazes the crowd!

What a great performance to end the night with!


Now it is your turn as the viewers to cast your vote! Only one person will be sent home tomorrow, so make sure your votes count!!!

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