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The Voice Top 12 Live Performances Live Blog!

Week 2 of the Live Playoffs are here! Tonight the Top 12 contestants will be performing and viewers will also be able to instantly save a contestant!

We are getting closer and closer to the finale, who do you guys think will take home the trophy?!


We open with Carson Daly and the Top 12 onstage, with the lights arranged in the color of the French flag behind them. Carson offers the thoughts and prayers of everyone in The Voice family to the people of France at this difficult time.

(We here at HeadlinesTonight also send our thoughts and prayers to the people of France.)

Voting is open NOW on The Voice app, and the other ways will open after the show.

Good news! Only ONE person is going home tomorrow.


Performing first, is Braiden Sunshine from Team Gwen. Going back to older roots, even though he’s not that old, and sings the rock song, “Renegade.”

He performs the song well, however, it is kind of awkward to be completely honest. BUT he still has a lot of confidence, and the judges continue to be impressed by him and say that he can do anything he wants basically.

Braiden had some good notes in the song, I don’t think it was his best performance though.


Next up, from Team Adam, we have Amy Vachal.

Adam decided to add his own twist to the song, “Hotline Bling” for Amy. I like that he does things like this. I enjoyed it so much when he did it with Christina Grimmie and it gives the artist the opportunity to play with melodies and it just sounds awesome.

Amy has been one of my favorites since the beginning, and tonight she further proved my interest. The way she performed this song was amazing and elegant.

*That awkward moment when Blake makes a comment that he’s heard the song, and somehow slides in a joke about him and Gwen stating, “Gwen sang it to me on The Tonight Show once,” which prompted the crowd to go insane, and even resulted in Pharrell needing a minute to get it together before commenting on the performance. (For those who do not know, Gwen and Blake are officially together, check out that article here!)*


Mark Hood is the first performer from Team Pharrell.

Pharrell saved him last week, so this week he decides to do something different.

Mark performs “Against All Odds” and Pharrell suggests that he strip it down more than it is to truly impress the crowd. Although it wasn’t as calm as I thought it was going to be, I think it worked out better for Mark.

This was definitely one of his better performances, and you can tell just by looking at him how passionate he is about this experience.


Emily Ann Roberts is the next performer, she is from Team Blake, and has to be another close runner up for this competition.

Tonight she is performing, “Blame It On Your Heart,” and it shows the sassy side to her once again.

Emily really is like a younger version of Carrie Underwood, and I really hope that she doesn’t go home this week because her voice is amazing and she has what it takes to stay awhile longer on this show.


Korin Bukowski, from Team Gwen, and she is performing, “Titanium.”

Korin says that this song hits close to home, and just during rehearsals you can tell how passionate she is about it.

Gwen pushes her to be herself but at the same time, still explore the different directions she can go in, for example, convincing her to dye her hair blonde.

During her performance, it’s kind of pitchy. To be completely honest, I don’t think that this was one of her best performances. But weird how much she looks like a mini Gwen Stefani now, not much of a fan of that either honestly.

I still think that Korin has a lot of potential, as long as she doesn’t follow every single thing the coaches tell her to do.


Up next, from Team Blake, we have Barrett Baber.

Tonight he will be putting a country spin to the rock song, “Right Here Waiting.”

It wasn’t that long ago that I thought Barrett wasn’t that great, but I take back what I said. His performance tonight was amazing, and although there were really only hints of country in the song, I still think that this rendition of the song was perfect for him.

Barrett is definitely a contender for the next round after that performance.


From Team Pharrell, we have Madi Davis.

Madi is performing, “Who Will Save Your Soul,” and it is kind of random that during the rehearsals, one of the band members makes a suggestion of the song… They actually talk?!

Honestly, at first, I was nervous for Madi on how this performance would go. In the very beginning of the song, I felt that she was going a little too fast, but that might just be how the song was supposed to go.

The random speaking parts during the song threw me off a little bit during this song, it actually might have been a little too much for me, but during the actual singing parts, I think she did well.


Next we have, Jeffery Austin from Team Gwen performing “Let It Go” (not the Frozen song.)

Gwen said it’d be cool for him to perform because he can really connect to it, and she is right!

Jeffery performs this song with so much emotion and passion that people just keep cheering for him. I am truly impressed by Jeffery and I think that he is also a good contender for the next round of performances.


Team Adam’s country singer, Shelby Brown is next. She is performing, “In Color.”

During rehearsals, Adam says that Shelby needs to get out of her head, and that makes her break down pointing out that he always tells her that. Adam comforts her and reminds her that it was America who saved her, not him.

I agree with Adam, she is an amazing performer, and the only thing holding her back is herself.

If Shelby keeps this up, and continues to listen to the advice Adam gives her, she could end up in the finale.


Up next, from Team Pharrell is Evan McKeel performing, “This is It.”

During the rehearsals, he sounded really good. My real question is, why is Pharrell facetiming with his team after their rehearsals?! It’s not that important but I’m still curious.

Evan’s voice is amazing, but I can do without those cheesy dance moves. Maybe we should give him a dance class, but A for effort Evan, that’s all that matters. He definitely stepped out of his comfort zone this week and overall I think this was a good performance for him.


Jordan Smith is next for Team Adam. You know him as the highest charting contestant on iTunes.

This week, Jordan is singing gospel hymn “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” Normally, this would be kind of out of the ordinary to perform on The Voice, however, for someone like Jordan, this is the perfect song for him to perform.

Adam suggests that he performs it by himself, without the help of the band, and this was a great suggestion on Adam’s part.

Ever since the blind audition, Jordan has gave it all he’s got, and tonight he proved that he belongs on this show. The coaches and audience give him a well deserved standing ovation.


Closing up the show tonight, is Zach Seabugh from Team Blake.

Personally, Zach stole my heart singing Sam Hunt, and I will continue to say that over and over. Tonight he is singing, “My Love.”

During the rehearsals, Blake sings “Footloose” while Zach dances to it, and it has got to be one of the cutest bonding moments between them. Just by watching the rehearsals, you can tell the girls are going to go crazy during this performance.

Over the past couple weeks, Zach has matured so much, and he was doing so well. However, I don’t think that this was one of his better performances. It seems like he relied too much on the reactions from the girls instead of paying attention to his performance. He should still make it to next week though.


That’s it for tonight’s episode! All voting options are now open, so VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

Only one person will be eliminated tomorrow, who will it be?

Join us tomorrow for another live blog!

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