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The Voice Season 9 Premiere Night 2 Live Blog!!!

Tonight is night 2 of the auditions for Season 9 of The Voice!! Join us again as we will be blogging LIVE! Coaches Adam, Blake, Pharrell, and Gwen are still looking for people to fill the spots of their teams! Who will be next? Tune in tonight!


The show opens with a flashback of night one, and shows how excited Coach Gwen Stefani is to be back! She shares that she hopes to win this year.


First performer of the night goes by “Blind Joe.” He’s first shown wearing a flannel and cowboy hat, (fingers crossed for Blake?) His story is so heartwarming and you can only hope he has an amazing voice to match.

Joe comes out singing “If It Hadn’t Been For Love” and immediately Blake starts nodding his head along in enjoyment. Not long after Blake pushes his button! Of course, what’s a Blake push without the Adam push? Adam turns his chair around excited, while Gwen and Pharrell are still in debate. In the last seconds of the song, both push their buttons making it a 4chair turnaround!!

Each coach states why they believe Joe should choose them, and it is no surprise here that Joe chooses… Team Blake!!!

Apparently Adam really wants a country singer, will tonight be the night he gets one?


After commercial break, Blake takes Pharrell to a door labeled “Private” and Adam opens the door and welcomes Pharrell to the winner’s club (he was crowned champion last season).


The next singer actually auditioned last season and, unfortunately, did not get a chair turned. She decided to try again this season. Will she get a chair turned?

Ivonne Acero, 17, comes out singing Taylor Swift’s hit single, Style, and almost immediately gets not one but TWO chairs turned by Gwen and Pharrell! Such a sweet moment when the coaches remember her from last season, and share how happy they are that she is back to audition again. Practice really does make perfect, and she chooses Pharrell as her coach!


Next up is 21 year-old, Gage Navarro, his family owns a Golf-Course and it has pretty much been all they’ve known since he was young. He comes out with so much confidence, and is truly happy to be there. Each coach seems to be enjoying it, but none have pushed their button yet.

Sadly, the end of the song comes, and none of the coaches turned their chair around.


Regina Love is a radio talk show host from Atlanta, Georgia. Regina comes from a very musical family, and she is hoping to continue on the tradition and inspire others.

With her family by her side, she comes out singing “Rock Steady,” and gets all the coaches dancing in their seats. A little ways into the song, Adam pushes his button, and a few seconds later Blake pushes his, leaving them the only two turned around.

Pharrell admits he made a mistake saying, “Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to push my button,” and Blake responds, without hesitation, “Didn’t get a chance? You had a minute and a half.” Very true, Blake, very true.

Regina listens to Blake and Adam go back and forth about why she should choose them, she then makes the final decision to go with.. Team Adam!


Zach Seabaugh is 16 years old, and has 3 sisters. He says right off the bat he is a country singer, so I have a feeling Blake and Adam are going to be going head-to-head on this one. The camera then pans over to Zach rehearsing in a corner, and he sounds great! But will it be enough to impress the judges?

He comes out singing “Take Your Time” by Sam Hunt, and although the beginning is a little rough because of the speaking part, once he hits the chorus its enough to knock you off your feet.

Almost in sync, Blake and Pharrell push their buttons, and a few seconds later, Adam follows. Zach tells them how old he is, and they are blown away!

Adam compares Zach to SuperMan, and Gwen states that Blake is going to use his “Country Singer Mafia” line and it is true! Zach is left with the tough decision but ultimately goes with… Team Blake!!!! Adam must be crushed.


20 year old Evan McKeel grew up in choir, his father shares a sweet story about how Evan booked 3 gigs in one day all on his own to prove he was truly committed to music. He comes out singing, “Typical,” and right off the bat has so much energy while performing.

Blake sits there for awhile debating, then finally pushes his button! Then Pharrell and Adam are not too far along… Gwen pushes her button! That makes it a 4 chair turnaround!!!!

Evan is asked to sing a softer song and makes Gwen cry!!! WHAT?! If he doesn’t choose Gwen, I am going to cry.

He chooses… ahh commercial break. I don’t like commercials…

Anyways, back from commercial and Evan chooses… TEAM PHARRELL!!(??) That was a curve ball.

*starts crying* and Evan moves on to the next round!


Bryan Bautista is next and his mother says he’s been humming since he was 6 months old (so adorable). He had an amazing opportunity to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event and instantly made a name for himself.

He comes out singing “Locked Out of Heaven” and with his Ne-Yo meets Bruno Mars voice AND look, he gets the crowd pumped up.

Unfortunately, none of the coaches were that impressed and did not turn their chairs.


We meet another country singer, Emily Ann Roberts. She has done a lot of talent shows/singing competitions, and has won a lot of them. As a junior in high school, she is very motivated by music and we’re hoping Adam gets this girl.

“I Hope You Dance” is Emily’s song choice and right away you can tell she’s got talent. Adam pushes his button and is very excited about his choice. About a minute later, Blake pushes his button, leaving them the only two who turned. We all know where this is going. The camera changes to her family and they are seen saying “Maybe she should pick [Adam].”

Adam is truly fighting for this girl, and fingers crossed she really does choose him.

From Adam and Blake going back and forth, Emily chooses…. Team Blake!


Ellie Lawrence comes up with her blue hair, and Indie Rock vibe, there’s a feeling that she may be someone to watch out for. She says in her interview that she would love to work with Gwen. Could this be Gwen’s first pick of the night?

She begins singing, and in sync, Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell push their buttons! Blake sits still in debate.

The lovely song comes to an end, and Blake is the only one who did not turn his chair. Adam and Pharrell point out how excited Ellie was when Gwen pushed her button and they both already know that Ellie is leaning towards Team Gwen. Blake even states, “Just give her a t-shirt already.”

The boys were right, Ellie chooses, Team Gwen!!!


A highlight shows Gwen also added 3 more people to her team!


Natalie Yacovazzi was offered a few opportunities to be in cover bands at the age of 24, but because of her then-husband was not able to truly take up a career in music. She comes out singing with so much passion, it’s hard to believe she hasn’t got a chair turned yet.

Sadly, none of the coaches pushed their buttons, and it is so heartbreaking to see how defeated Natalie looks. The coaches all give her great advice though and we hope to see her again in the future!


James Dupre is the final performer for tonight! Married at 19 year old, with 4 boys, he became a paramedic. After a divorce from his high school sweetheart, he began making YouTube videos and was noticed by Ellen Degeneres! He was then offered a record deal.

James really wants to move along in his music career. He hopes to be chosen by Blake, but believes he will fit better with Adam.

As soon as he starts singing, Adam, Gwen, and Pharrell simultaneously push their buttons, leaving Blake to ponder. About a minute or so later, Blake pushes his button! Making it a 4 chair turnaround!

James has to make the biggest, most hardest decision ever and he chooses….. Team Adam!!!!


Well that’s it for tonight’s episode of The Voice! Join us every Monday and Tuesday for a live blog of The Voice!

We are so excited for this season, and look forward to the rest of Season 9 of The Voice!

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