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The Voice Season 9 Knockouts Night 2 Live Blog!

Tonight is night 2 of the knockout rounds! Let’s get started and see what these contestants bring to the table!


First up, we have Team Gwen pairing up Korin Bukowski and Summer Schappell. Korin is well remembered for her weird (but totally adorable) personality and Summer was the country artist who stole Gwen’s heart in the blind auditions. Rihanna gives both girls advice on how to open up on stage and not be so bottled up.

Korin is up first and the first thing you noticed is she listened to Gwen’s advice and ditched the glasses, something that actually changed up her performance a bit and allowed her to come out and perform in a completely different way. This song also gave her the opportunity to show off the range that her voice can go.

Summer does what she does best singing a country song. She also listened to Rihanna and Gwen’s advice to bring out the sass for this performance. Her voice range was perfect for this song, and it was a great song choice on her part.

Both performers did such an amazing job. Ultimately, Gwen decided that the winner of this knockout round is… Korin Bukowski, sending her to Live Playoffs!


The second pairing for tonight is from Team Adam: Dustin Christensen and Keith Semple.

Dustin is remembered for being one of the lucky ones to get a 4 chair turnaround. Originally, he was on Team Blake’s team and Blake eliminated him, allowing Adam to steal.

Keith was able to get Gwen and Adam to push their buttons, and ended up choosing Adam. He is the family-oriented man and with a baby on the way, he is really trying to get to the Live Playoffs.

Dustin received advice from Rihanna during rehearsals to let the chorus of the song flow naturally, however, I think some nerves got to him OR it really is the direction that his voice goes naturally. At the end of the song, Blake and Pharrell look at each other and you see them nod along saying, “I like him.”

Keith has got some work cut out for him. His accent makes it sometimes difficult to hit certain notes, and Rihanna gave him advice as to how to fix that, considering she as an accent herself. For the most part, it seems like he really did listen to what she had to say and ended the song with a super high Adam Levine note.

Dustin did a great job, however, because of the song that Keith chose, it allowed him to show off his voice in a different way.

The final decision comes and Adam says that the winner of this knockout is… Keith Semple!


Darius Scott and are next up from Team Pharrell.

Morgan Frazier was originally on Blake’s team and in the Battle Rounds, Blake let her go allowing Pharrell to steal her.

Both Pharrell and Rihanna tell Darius that he needs to open up on stage and allow himself to express his emotions. As soon as they tell him that, the rehearsals went so much better.

Pharrell told Morgan that she also needed to open up and not be insecure about letting her feelings out.

Darius comes out singing such an upbeat song and it matches his style almost perfectly. He really put it all out there.

Morgan has a very soft and unique voice, being the only country singer on Pharrell’s team, she might have a slight advantage. She truly listened to Pharrell and Rihanna’s advice by putting all her emotions in to the song.

Ultimately, Pharrell is left with the really tough decision, but after taking the time to think about it, he says that the winner of this knockout is… Darius Scott!

Leaving Morgan Frazier up for a steal, OF COURSE, Blake pushes his button and uses his only steal to get Morgan back on his team!


That’s it for tonight’s live blog of the Knockout Rounds! Join us again next week for the final week of Knockouts!

Who will fill the last spots for the Live Playoffs?! Find out next week!

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