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The Voice Season 9 Battle Rounds Live Blog!

What’s up everyone! We are back for week 2 of the Battle Rounds TONIGHT.

Starting at 7pm (Mountain Time), we will be live blogging during tonight’s battle rounds, who will be eliminated? Live chat with us on Twitter also! We are ready for tonight’s show!


First up for the battle rounds tonight we have Blake’s first match-up of the night, Blaine Mitchell and Blind Joe. Blake has some help with mentor, country singer, Brad Paisley. In this battle round the singers are put head-to-head to sing, “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

I am truly impressed by how talented Blind Joe is, he has never let his situation stop him from doing what he loves. Blaine is also just a natural rocker.

All of the contestants on this season are amazing at what they do, I don’t know how these coaches are able to make such tough decisions to eliminate people.

Each coach goes one after the other and says how well the performers did. Ultimately, the final decision is left to Coach Blake. He decides that the winner is… Blind Joe!

Once Blaine Mitchell is put up to be saved, Adam pushes his button! Making Blaine Adam’s last steal of the battle rounds!


Next up we have Team Adam’s members, Cassandra Robertson and Viktor Kiraly. Helping Adam is classic rock legend,┬áJohn Fogerty.

Having other popular performers come on the show and help be mentors is great and I think a good learning experience for these contestants.

According to the preview before the commercial, this is supposed to be a super awesome performance!

Cassandra and Viktor are battling tonight singing, “Nobody Knows.” They both have very sweet and soulful voices, they mesh well together.

Adam decides that the winner is… Viktor Kiraly!!

Sadly Cassandra is not saved from elimination, but she still did an amazing job and I hope to see her in the future!


Next we have, Team Gwen with mentor Selena Gomez. First pairing of the night for Gwen is Chase Kerby and Korin Bukowski. Both young performers, I believe that Selena Gomez is a great mentor for this pairing.

During their rehearsals, you can see how excited Gwen and Selena are, they both even say that they have goosebumps from the performance! This makes me excited for this performance.

Chase and Korin are singing, “Samson.” Korin starts the song off in such a beautiful way, and Chase follows it up perfectly.

The moment comes, and Gwen picks the winner…. Korin Bukowski!

Sadly, Chase is not saved.


Next up we have Team Pharrell and his mentor, the one and only, Missy Elliot! Anyone see her Super Bowl cameo with Katy Perry last year? LOVED IT!

Back to The Voice, for Team Pharrell we have Evan McKeel and Riley Biederer.

This season is filled with so many young, talented performers. Makes me question where I went wrong in life…

Tonight this pairing is singing, “Higher Ground.” Although I truly believe that these are both very talented singers, I find their voices to be very similar to each other. This is truly going to be a tough decision for Pharrell.

In the end, Pharrell chooses… Evan McKeel!

Riley is stolen by Gwen!


The battle rounds continue with Team Gwen, Braiden Sunshine and Lindsey Elm. Watching there rehearsals, I definitely see a resemblance that Braiden has to The Voice runner-up Matt McAndrew. More of a baby-face resemblance but it’s still there and it’s adorable.

Braiden and Lindsey are singing head-to-head, “No One is to Blame.” These performers both did an amazing job, their singing styles are definitely different from each other, but I think it was the perfect song choice for them on Gwen’s part.

Left with the very tough decision, Gwen decides that the winner of this battle is… Braiden Sunshine!

Leaving Lindsey Elm as the next performer that has been eliminated.


Final pairing of the night is from Team Adam, twins duo Alex and Andi going head-to-head with Chance Pena.

Sadly, Andi and Alex have a slight disadvantage since they are able to combine their voices, however, I do have faith in Chance that he will be able to pull through in this one.

“Wherever You Will Go” is the song choice for this battle round. I think this was the perfect song for this battle. Both sides have sweet, soft voices.

Adam chooses Andi and Alex as the winner of this battle!

As Chance is saying thank you to Adam, Blake pushes his button making Chance now part of Team Blake!


That’s a wrap for tonight’s Battle Rounds! Thank you for joining us on our Live Blog!

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