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The Voice Season 11 – All Spots Are Filled!

Last night was the last night of Blind Auditions, but don’t be too sad, because it was an amazing one! Each coach has now filled all 12 of their spots on their teams and they are ready for the real competition to start!

It’s hard to tell who has the better team, and I don’t think we’ll know until after the Battles start next week, but it’s safe to say that I am very excited, and anxious, for it!

Kicking off the last night of Blind Auditions last night, we had sisters (and yes the first and only duo of the season!),  Shannon and Whitney!

The sisters gave an amazing performance of “Landslide” and it wasn’t until about halfway through the song that the coaches realized there was two of them! All four coaches push their buttons making it a four-chair turnaround!

Shannon and Whitney are left with the very tough decision of which coach to choose, but ultimately they decide to go to Team Alicia!

Next up, we have 25-year-old, Jonny Rez. During his interview, he opens up about his past struggle with drugs, but is clear that those days are long over since he has been sober for 5 years now!

Jonny performs, “Iris” and it is a great performance, you can’t help but hope that someone should push their button. It seems as though no one is going to until the last second when Adam and Blake push theirs!

After some consideration, Jonny chooses to join Team Adam!

Maye Thomas is next and she shares that her dad is actually a country radio show host in Oklahoma. Immediately I think that Blake has to push his button and get this girl on his team.

Maye performs “Roses” and personally I don’t think it’s the best song for her to perform, but it’s okay because Adam pushes his button! Not long after, Miley pushes her button!

Miley and Adam battle it out, and continue to basically nag at each other hoping that Maye chooses them. The final decision is made, and Maye chooses Team Miley! 

28-year-old, Johnny Hayes is up next singing “Traveller.”

With it being so close to the end of the blinds, it seems like this isn’t the type of performance the coaches are looking for, but the coaches give him some constructive advice and hope that they see him again in the future!

Next up we have Courtney Harrell, who is a 36-year-old songwriter! She has actually written for stars like Jennifer Hudson and Mary J. Blige, but is hoping that tonight is her night to shine!

Courtney performs “Let It Go” (James Bay, not Frozen for the record). At first it doesn’t seem like anyone will push their button, but Blake is the first to do so. Then later, Alicia pushes hers, very excitedly!

She shares that this is the first time she has sung publicly in 15 years! Blake and Alicia give their pitches, but ultimately, it is Team Blake that she decides to join!

The Voice also shows a quick clip of other performers that were welcomed to teams!

Tara Layne was welcomed to Team Blake. 

Charity Bowden was welcomed to Team Miley.

J Soul was welcomed to Team Adam. 

Belle Jewel was welcomed to Team Alicia. 

Up next, we have Kylie Rothfield, who performs a very unique rendition of “Wherever I Go.”

The coaches are really waiting until they know if this is what they want because it isn’t until the last second that coaches Blake and Alicia push their buttons.

Kylie decides that Team Alicia is the best fit for her, making her the last person to be added to Alicia’s team.

Familiar face, Candace Cameron Bure is here tonight because her daughter, Natasha, is auditioning!

Natasha Bure performs “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and although you can tell her nerves are getting to her, she still gives an amazing performance and gets Adam to push his button!

40-year-old, Blaine Good is next up performing “Have a Little Faith in Me.”

If Alicia could, I really think she would have pushed her button, but no worries here because, all the other coaches pushed theirs!

Blaine is left with the tough decision to choose between Adam, Blake, and Miley, but ultimately he chooses to join Team Blake, helping complete his team for this season.

Nicholas Ray comes and performs “I Got the Music in Me,” but it is not enough to impress Miley or Adam who both only have 1 spot left on their team!

Ponciano Seoane hopes to have better luck impressing the judges by performing, “Home.”

Almost immediately, both Miley and Adam are interested in him.

Ponciano chooses Team Adam, making him the last person on his team!

Miley is the last coach left with one more spot on her team. She goes through a series of people before she ultimately decides on 17-year-old, Josette Diaz who performed “Love Yourself.”

Making her the final member of Team Miley!

That’s it for this recap! Hope you guys enjoyed last night’s episode!

Be sure to check out, www.YouTube.com/thevoice to check out last night’s performances.

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