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The Voice Season 11 Premiere, Night 2 – Recap!

The Voice première continued on with night 2 tonight, and although there wasn’t a live blog does not mean we missed the fun of tonight’s episode!

I’m sure most of you watched tonight’s episode, but if not, here’s what you missed!


First up was Sa’Rayah, who is the mother of a 2-year-old daughter! She gives an amazing performance of the song, “Drown in My Own Tears.”

Miley Cyrus is the first person to push her button, with Alicia Keys following right after. Clearly, it’s a battle for the women, as Blake Shelton and Adam Levine choose not to push their buttons. Both Miley and Alicia give good arguments about why Sa’Rayah should be on their team, but ultimately Sa’Rayah chooses…. Team Miley!


The second performer for tonight is 26-year-old, Ethan Tucker. Ethan performs a reggae version of the song, “Roxanne,” and I have to say I am actually very impressed with his performance.

It takes awhile before any of the coaches push their button, but pretty close to the last second of the song, Adam pushes his button, and is followed by Blake pushing his button.

During the Shevine bickering, it seems like Ethan is leaning more towards of what Adam has to say, but then Blake pulls out the greatest player card…. former Voice coach and Blake Shelton’s current girlfriend, Gwen Stefani!

And just like that, Ethan Tucker chooses… Team Blake!


Next up we have Katie Colosimo, who is actually from Nashville, but weirdly enough, admits she doesn’t have her heart set on Blake’s team.

She gives an amazing performance of “Stone Cold” and although, yes, it was amazing, none of the coaches really seem to think so none of them turn their chairs around.

We McDonald is 17-years-old, and we actually saw her performance during The Voice special preview episode on August 21st.

We performed, “Feeling Good,” and was able to get every single coach to push their button, making it a four-chair turnaround, and they even gave her a standing ovation!

The coaches each gave their pitch and practically begged We to join their team, and when it comes down to it, We chooses… Team Alicia!


Unfortunately at this point of the show, Adam shares how frustrated he is that he only has one person on his team. He hopes the next performer will change that!

Andrew DeMuro performs “Vienna” and Adam can hear the potential this guy has, so he pushes his button. Adam believes he has this one in the bag, until Blake pushes his button at the last second! (Shevine at it again!)

Turning his confidence around, Andrew chooses Team Adam!


Former child star country singer, Billy Gilman, is the next person to perform. At one point, Billy actually had a song called “One Voice” that hit the Top 40 charts. He believes it’s time to get reintroduced to the music world and performs “When We Were Young.”

Every coach is blown away by this performance that they all push their buttons! It seems to be a very tough decision for Billy, but he ends up choosing, Team Adam!


At just 17-years-old, Nathalie Vincent’s sister passed away. Losing someone so close to her at such a young age was hard to deal with. Her performance tonight of “Hold Back the River” was sung in dedication to her sister.

It was a very emotional performance, but still a great one! Unfortunately though, the coaches seem to be getting more and more selective with their choices, so none of them push their buttons. They still give her great feedback and offer hugs in the proud moment of her performing in front of such a big crowd.

Sophia Urista is a burlesque performer in New York City. She gives a powerful performance of the song, “Come Together.”

Like earlier in the show, this is a performer who gets Miley and Alicia to go head-to-head in a battle to win her on their team.

While giving their pitches, Miley pulls out the greatest card, a video message from none other than Dolly Parton! (Ya know, her Godmother!) Dolly Parton is actually someone who Sophia looks up to, so coincidence? I think not.

Well the Dolly Parton message definitely does the trick, because Sophia chooses, Team Miley!


Another New Yorker, Brendan Fletcher, is a 26-year-old bartender. Brendan gives a stripped down version of “Jolene” and immediately Adam is intrigued, so he pushes his button!

Following right after is Alicia, then Miley! After a fair battle of the coaches, Brendan chooses to join Team Adam!


56-year-old, Dan Shafer, is the oldest person to join this competition, and he sings, “Marry Me.”

It is a great performance, however, it isn’t until the last second that Blake pushes his button, making Dan officially on Team Blake!


The last performer of the night is Lauren Diaz, who just so happens to be probably one of the biggest Alicia Keys fan ever. She even takes the ultimate risk and performs “If I Ain’t Got You.” How nerve-wracking is that?!

Well didn’t seem to be too hard since she is able to get Alicia to push her button first! Of course, the other coaches have to get in on it too, Miley and Blake follow her lead.

To give a quote from Adam, “The sky is blue, the grass is green, this girl is on Alicia’s team.” And it truly isn’t a surprise that Lauren chooses, Team Alicia!


To top it all off, as if this night couldn’t get any better, Lauren’s longtime boyfriend proposed to her backstage! How cute is that?!

Another great night of performances! What do you think next week will bring?!

Here is where the teams stand now!

Team Adam: Brendan Fletcher, Andrew DeMuro, Riley Elmore, and Billy Gilman

Team Miley: Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Darby Walker, Sa’Rayah, Sophia Urista

Team Alicia: Dave Moisan, Jason Warrior, We McDonald, Lauren Diaz, Christian Cuevas

Team Blake: Dana Harper, Gabe Broussard, Sundance Head, Ethan Tucker, Dan Shafer

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