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The Voice Season 11 Night 3 Blind Auditions – Recap

The Voice is back for week 2 (night 3) of the Blind Auditions! So far the teams are stacking up very nicely, and newcomers, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, seem to be completely satisfied with the talent they have. So much where they even think they may have the winner of The Voice. Although tonight is a recap, please, do not worry. I will be going in later and adding the performances on to this article so you can see for yourself how amazing these performers are!

First up tonight, we have 23-year-old, Bindi Liebowitz, who is a gospel choir singer.

Bindi performs “Bust Your Windows” and almost immediately, all the coaches seem to be very impressed with her singing.

It takes some time, but eventually, Adam Levine takes the leap of faith and pushes his button. Then at the very, very last second, Blake Shelton pushes his button! They’re both standing up during the back and forth of their pitches, and it is actually pretty funny.

Both coaches give a pretty awesome pitch but ultimately it is Team Adam that Bindi chooses!


Second up for tonight is, Zack Hicks, who had such an emotional introduction as he told his story of when he came out as gay and risked his relationship with his mother. Thankfully, she is here tonight supporting him through his audition as he performs “At This Moment.”

Unfortunately, as it is a great performance, it is not what any of the coaches seem to be looking for on his team. But, each one does offer him great feedback.

Next we have, Elia Esparza, who takes the biggest risk in Voice history, and sings “Como La Flor.” That’s right, a song in Spanish!

Adam is easily impressed as he is the first to push his button for Elia!

Blake follows not too long after, and Miley is right behind him.

As Adam and Blake struggle to learn how to pronounce her name, Miley points out that Elia should be on the team that knows how to pronounce it *cough* Miley.

But with much of a surprise, and without really any hesitation, Elia chooses… Team Adam!


30-year-old Lane Mack is up next performing “Everyday I Have the Blues.”

He truly gives an amazing performance, and Miley agrees as she is the first (and only) person to push her button!

This makes Lane part of Team Miley!


Following, we have Karlee Metzger, who already has an amazing YouTube following (similar to Christina Grimmie when she auditioned).

Karlee gives an amazing rendition of “Samson,” and the coaches seem to agree as they nod along with her performance.

At the very last second of the song (literally), Miley and Blake push their buttons! They both give great pitches and point out what they each can help Karlee with for future performances.

Karlee pauses for a while before she finally chooses to join Team Miley!


The last performer of tonight is Josh Halverson performing “Forever Young.”

He is the first performer from tonight who actually catches Alicia’s attention!

Alicia, Blake, and Miley all push their buttons at the very last second. Adam is the odd ball who doesn’t push his, but weirdly enough, he is pushing hard for Josh to choose Blake as his coach as he feels that they would pair up well together.

However, Josh goes with his gut and chooses Team Alicia!!


This is where the teams stand after tonight!

Team Adam with 6 members: Andrew DeMuro, Billy Gilman, Riley Elmore, Bindi Liebowitz, and Elia Esparza

Team Miley with 7 members: Courtnie Ramirez, Ali Caldwell, Darby Walker, Sophia Urista, Sa’Rayah, Lane Mack, and Karlee Metzger

Team Alicia with 6 members: Dave Moisan, We McDonald, Christian Cuevas, Jason Warrior, Lauren Diaz, and Josh Halverson

Team Blake with 5 members: Dana Harper, Sundance Head, Ethan Tucker, Gabe Broussard, and Dan Shafer

So far these teams are looking pretty good! Do you spot someone who has potential to be the winner of Season 11 of The Voice?!

Let us know now @HeadlineTonight on Twitter!

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