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The Voice Season 11 Battle Rounds – Live Blog!

Tonight is the first night of the Battle Rounds where the coaches pair up members of their teams to sing a song duet style… but only one of them will continue on!

The Battle Rounds are bound to bring out some amazing competition between the contestants and their coaches! Let’s get this night started!

First up, we have Team Alicia along with her is Charlie Puth to help mentor the team members!

Alicia has paired up friends, Christian Cuevas and Jason Warrior to perform “Hello.” During rehearsals, it’s clear that both Christian and Jason have some amazing talent.

THIS IS HOW YOU START THE BATTLE ROUNDS. It is such an amazing performance and it sucks that Alicia has to let one of these performers go!

Alicia is left to make what could be, a very heartbreaking decision. Ultimately, she chooses to keep Christian Cuevas on her team!

… But do not worry because coach Adam Levine goes in to steal Jason Warrior on his team!!

Next, from Team Adam, along side Sammy Hagar, we have Natasha Bure and Riley Elmore performing, “Cry Me a River.”

It is very clear that Natasha is very nervous to put herself out there and be the front performer. Adam is trying very hard to get her out of her comfort zone.

It is a good performance between these two, but in my opinion, it is clear that Riley may be the better performer here. But Natasha also was able to break out of her shell more and still give a great performance!

Adam shares that although he is proud of Natasha for getting over her nerves, he chooses to keep Riley in for the competition and unfortunately, no one chooses to steal Natasha.

Team Miley is next with mentor, the one and only, Joan Jett! Miley pairs up Ali Caldwell and Courtnie Ramirez to perform “Hit or Miss.”

Both Ali and Courtnie have amazing powerhouse vocals and putting them together for a performance is setting yourself up for a very tough decision. Neither of them disappoint as they give it all they got.

It is clearly a tough decision for Miley to make but she does decide that Ali gave the better performance and chooses her to stay on her team.

Thankfully, Blake and Alicia both push their buttons to steal Courtnie, and Courtnie chooses Alicia to be her new coach!

Team Blake is up next with mentor Bette Midler. Blake paired up Dan Shafer and Sundance Head to perform “Feel Like Making Love.”

Another great performance, and although I really enjoy Dan’s voice, I personally believe that Sundance is the better performer here and I have a feeling that Blake might actually agree.

My theory is correct as Blake chooses to keep Sundance Head on his team!

Team Adam is back choosing to pair up Andrew DeMuro and Billy Gilman performing, “Man in the Mirror.”

This is another amazing performance from Team Adam, and I’m not entirely sure how Adam is going to make this decision.

Ultimately, Adam decides to keep Billy on his team!

Last but not least, from Team Alicia, we have Lauren Diaz and We McDonald performing “Maybe.”

Both being very incredible vocalists, these girls gave an amazing performance, leaving Alicia with a very very tough decision.

Alicia chooses We as the winner and keeps her on the team, but don’t worry because Miley and Adam push their buttons to steal Lauren!

Now it is Lauren who is left to make a tough decision, but she chooses to go with her gut, joining Team Miley!

So what did you think of tonight’s battle rounds?!

This is where the teams stand after tonight’s show:

Team Adam: Riley Elmore, Jason Warrior (stolen), Billy Gilman

Team Alicia: Christian Cuevas, We McDonald, and Courtnie Ramirez (stolen)

Team Miley: Ali Caldwell, Lauren Diaz (stolen)

Team Blake: Sundance Head


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Marissa Ramirez
Marissa Ramirez
College student who loves binge watching shows on Netflix, and The Voice. Follow my life on Instagram: Marissarami_

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