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The Voice Season 10 Top 11 – Performance Recap

The show opened with each of the coaches sharing what kind of impact Prince had on their music careers. A very sweet moment for the coaches and Voice family as the stage was lit purple.

The show opened with Shalyah Fearing from Team Adam. She has chosen to sing “The Climb.”

Adam pointed out that this was a song that no one would truly expect from her, and it was true, this song an amazing performance. Shalyah definitely showed what she’s got and that she can sing just about anything.

*I will be linking their performances as well in case you miss any of them*

Shalyah’s former coach Christina says that Miley would have been proud of her performance, and I completely agree. She was able to connect with the song on such a personal level and it brought so much passion to the song.

Next up, from Team Pharrell, we have Daniel Passino performing “Time After Time.”

Pharrell lost Emily Keener last week, and I think Pharrell tried really hard to work with him and get him to a level that will impress everyone.

Daniel gives an amazing performance, and his rendition of this song is honestly beautiful, I absolutely loved it.

Paxton Ingram from Team Blake is next performing, “Break Every Chain.”

Paxton sang at his church very often back home, so this kind of song is up his alley for sure. I have always been hesitant about Paxton, but tonight he truly gave it his all and showed that he’s got what it takes to make it to the next round. It was a fairly inspirational performance.

From Team Adam, Owen Danoff performed “Fire and Rain.”

Last week, Owen was in the bottom 2 so this week was crucial to his standing in the competition. I feel this performance really helped him redeem himself, although there is still a little room for improvement, it was a great performance. He shared that he can relate to the song in connection to losing a childhood friend, and he was able to take that emotional connection to his advantage.

Mary Sarah, from Team Blake performed a rendition of “Johnny & June.”

This song gave Mary Sarah the chance to show off her country roots while adding her own twist to it. The past couple weeks I thought Mary Sarah gave some pretty great performances but this was by far the best one. She pulled this song off so perfectly.

Alisan Porter from Team Christina, is considered to be this season’s front-runner. She performed “Stay With Me Baby.”

Once again, she blew me away with her performance. I’m calling it now that she will be in the finale, because she just gives it her all every single week. No doubt about it, I’d honestly bet money on it. It’s no wonder she is a fan favorite, and season 10 front-runner.

Bryan Bautista had some big shoes to fill following Alisan’s performance. But as expected, he too gives an amazing performance of “Just The Way You Are.”

Super cute moment when Bryan dedicates this performance to his sister, who is sitting in the audience, spoken like a true gentleman. Bryan adds an old-school feel to it and it just blows me away. I think Bryan has found the kind of music that he should be performing and he should stick to it.

Next from Team Blake we have Adam Wakefield performing “Lights.”

Another cute moment when his mother is actually in the audience all the way from Scotland. This song does seem a bit out of his comfort zone however, he knew that his mom was going to be there so he had to make sure that he gave it his all. Still an amazing performance, and it makes my heart happy that his mom was able to be there to see it.

Nick Hagelin, from Team Christina is next performing, “Your Body Is a Wonderland.”

Now for those of you who have been around since the blinds, Nick was actually eliminated earlier in the show, but the coaches were able to bring someone back, and Christina chose him. Not only does he have to prove himself to America, but he also has to prove to Christina that she made the right decision bringing him back.

I think this was the perfect song for him to perform, and of course, he’s got all girls going crazy with heart eyes.

Team Pharrell is next with Hannah Huston performing “I Can’t Make You Love Me.”

Hannah changes it up this week by given a slowed down performance and the crowd really seems to be enjoying it; I also enjoyed it.

She does really good with more stripped down songs, and I think she should stick a little more with this kind of music in future performances.

The final performance tonight, from Team Pharrell, is Laith Al-Saadi performing “Make It Rain.”

I think the song choice was good on Laith’s part as it showed that he can perform a different genre of song and still do really well. I was very impressed with this performance, and he added his own little spin to it which made it more enjoyable.

What a night of performances! All 11 of these performers have proved that they have what it takes and that each and every one of them deserves to be here.

Tomorrow night, one of these performers will be eliminated. Who do you think it will be? Find out tomorrow!


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