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The Voice Season 10 Premiere – The Blind Auditions Recap

What’s up guys, Headlines Tonight is back alongside the season 10 premiere of The Voice! Season 10 started off with a bang as we welcome back coaches Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, Pharrell Williams, and Adam Levine. This season brings hope to Coach Christina and she wishes to be the first female coach to take a win! Now let’s take a look at tonight’s performers!


First up for the night we have 17 year old, Paxton Ingram. He has performed with many other celebrities and hopes to show off his singing skills in front of the coaches tonight. As soon as he starts singing, Blake gives a shocking look and says, “Whoa that’s good,” while bestie Adam agrees with him. This leads to Blake being the first to push his button.

At the very last second of the song, Adam and Pharrell push their buttons! After the men go back and forth, it is time for Paxton to make a decision in which he chooses… Team Blake!

Caity Peters comes from a family of lawyers, doctors, etc.,  but she’s always gravitated towards music. She gives an amazing performance that results in Christina pushing her button first, then Pharrell, Adam, and Blake follow not too long after. That gives Caity a the first FOUR CHAIR TURNAROUND of season 10! Caity decides that she belongs on Team Pharrell!

Nick Hagelin is a professional ballet dancer! He tells the beautiful story about how when his son was born, they thought he would never be able to walk, but as further proof miracles happen, his son is walking around with him and his wife. Nick takes the chance of performing a song that’s originally performed by Adam Levine from the movie Begin Again.

Christina is the first to push her button for Nick. And of course, at the last second of the song, Blake and Pharrell push their buttons.

Adam admits that he has his own version of the song brainwashed into his head, and that caused him to not push his button for Nick.

Nick choose Team Pharrell.

Maddie Poppe is a senior at a very small high school; she’s adorable and goofy, and has a very outgoing personality. Maddie admits that if she could work with anyone, it would be with Adam.

During her performance, it seems as though her nerves got the best of her, and see was too caught up in the moment. Sadly, none of the coaches turned their chairs around, but tell her what they believe needs to be worked on so that she can come back and try again.

Mary Sarah is a country singer, from Nashville, who has had the opportunity to perform with a lot of different country artists. She shares that, as a woman, being in the country music industry is hard, but it does not stop her from living out her dreams.

Adam is the first to push his button, and of course Blake follows right after.

Pharrell and Christina push their buttons, making it the second 4 chair turnaround of the night.

No surprise here, Mary Sarah chooses Team Blake!

Mike Schiavo is an aspiring artist who looks up to such performers like Maroon 5. He even shares that the first CD he ever bought was Maroon 5’s “Songs About Jane.” Mike also says that, with his family’s support, he chose music over college, and that he hopes to be able to work with Pharrell.

Within the first few seconds of the song, Adam and Pharrell push their buttons!

Not long after, Blake gets in on the fun, and pushes his button.

Once his performance is done, Mike gets the chance to sing “She Will Be Loved” with Adam, which results in Mike choosing to go Team Adam.


Queen Sessi (yes, that’s her name) recently moved to LA with a producer and rapper she met to pursue her interest in the music industry. While creating a fan base she was actually and Uber driver!

Her performance shows her energetic and sassy side but unfortunately it is too much for the coaches, as none of them turn their chairs around.

For those of you who don’t remember him, Bryan Bautista is back for another shot at auditioning for the coaches this season. You may recognize him from Season 9, and sadly at that time, he did not get any chairs turned for him.

Giving the performance that could possible change his life, Bryan gives an amazing performance, and at first no one really shows much interest.

Then Christina pushes her button, and at the last second Blake pushes his button!

Bryan tricks everyone by saying Blake’s name, and everyone thinks he’s chosen Team Blake, but really, he chooses Team Christina. (I recommend watching this clip because it was HILARIOUS)

Abby Celso is in a band called The Swooners. She shares the story of her mother passing away not too long ago and how her mom always said that she should be on The Voice. W

Abby gives an amazing performance, and both Adam and Pharrell push their buttons.

Pharrell claims that she has “it”, whatever “it” is and she chooses Team Pharrell.

John Gilman comes from a very humble place. I mean, he lives in an area without wifi (can you imagine?). He’s got a rockabilly feel to him and he shares that he looks up to Elvis as inspiration.

Adam is the only one to push his button, so John is obvi Team Adam!

Alisan Porter is the last performer for tonight, and she is most known for playing Curly Sue at the age of 9 years old. Alisan also has a few broadway shows up her sleeve.

During her performance, literally within miliseconds of each other, Blake, Pharrell, and Adam push their buttons.

Not long after, Christina pushes hers making it another 4 chair turnaround for the night.

Christina makes a point about being a mother and juggling a music career and they hit a soft point in their bond. Therefore, Alisan chooses Team Christina.

That’s it for the first night of Blind Auditions!

Do you have any favorites yet? Join us tomorrow for another recap of night 2 of the Blind Auditions!

I’m stoked for season 10, and I’m super anxious to see what other performers are going to join The Voice family!

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