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The Voice Season 10 Blind Auditions Night 3

What’s up everyone! The Voice Season 10 Blind Auditions continue tonight!!! I am so excited to see who else is added to coaches’ Adam, Pharrell, Christina, and Blake teams!

Tonight we are back for another Live Blog during the show!


First up tonight we have preschool teach Hannah Huston. She started by singing at a party for a couple of her friends and then was “bit by the music bug.” Her preschool kids sent her a good luck message and it was the sweetest thing ever. She hopes to get a chair turned in order to show her students that you can do anything as long as you set your mind to it!

The coaches seem to be impressed by her performance, but no one pushes their buttons at first.

Then on the last note of the song, in sync, Blake, Christina, and Pharrell all push their buttons.

Hannah chooses… Team Pharrell!


Brian Nihra is doing something super brave, he is singing Happy by The Voice’s very own Pharrell Williams!

At the last few notes of the song, Pharrell and Blake push their buttons! (Is it just me or have the coaches been cutting it a little close lately on these performances?)

Adam jokes around saying that Blake’s chances are 1000000000x worse than him trying to go against Blake. But Brian assures Blake that he still has a chance!

The time comes where he must choose a team and he chooses… Team Pharrell (of course!)


Up next we have, Aijia, who shares she was a vocal jazz major, and FUN FACT, she is ANDY GRAMMER’S WIFE!!

She’s sang back up for Colbie Colliat, Andy Grammer, and currently Selena Gomez, she hopes to be able to work with Coach Christina!

I am so sad when none of the coaches turn their chairs around!

The coaches all said that it might have been the type of song she chose but each gave her great critiques and I hope to see her again soon.


Brittany Kennell decided to go to Berklee for college and then moved to Nashville, Tennesee, away from her family and the place she called home, which was Canada.

Awkward moment when Brittany is singing and Christina asks, “Is that Gwen Stefani?” and Blake responds with “I like that.” and proceeds to push his button.

Then literally at the very last second, Pharrell pushes his button!

Blake has audience members standing by with signs that say “Pick Blake” and Adam tries to spell out “Lick —-” he wasn’t sure what the second word he was spelling actually.

Brittany chooses… Team Blake!


Natalie Yacovazzi is another performer from season 9. When she auditioned last season, none of the coaches turned her chair around. She hopes that this time around she will be able to work with Adam this season.

Natalie opens up with a high and sassy note that makes Adam push his button almost immediately, and you see the relief on Natalie’s face.

Christina tried to push her button and it made the sound, however, it did not work because it was too late.

This leaves Natalie to be on Team Adam!


Malik Heard comes from a very sport-oriented family who put him in sports at a young age and were surprised when he decided to go down the music route in high school. Thankfully, his family was very supportive of his decision, especially the fact that he put a scholarship on hold in order to audition.

Malik sings a song originally performed by Nick Jonas and I think it was a good song choice for him.

Christina and Pharrell agree because they are the first two to push their buttons.

Malik shares that he looks up to Sam Smith, Bruno Mars, and Justin Timberlake. Pharrell points out that he has worked with both Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears (ah, memories) and then Christina points out that she worked with them way before Pharrell even knew about them, cue flashbacks of the Mickey Mouse Club, shots fired!

Malik chooses… Team Christina!


Peyton Parker is up next! She was a cheerleader for many, many years but unfortunately tore a bunch of ligaments in her leg so she had to stop cheerleading.

She took the brave step in asking her parents to move to Nashville, and her parents were okay with it as long as she was happy!

Peyton hopes to be given an opportunity to work with a coach tonight.

Christina and Pharrell are the first to push their buttons!

Just a few seconds later, Blake pushes his button!

Christina and Pharrell try to make the point to Peyton to do something different and not go with the obvious “country singers on Team Blake.”

Peyton, however, does not listen, and still proceeds to choose… Team Blake!


Blake also added singers, indie artist, Gina Castanzo, and pop rocker Trey O’Dell!


Kristen Marie is from Oklahoma, so be prepared for Blake to fight for this opportunity as he is also from Oklahoma!!

Kristen’s dad shares that he originally wanted her to be a lawyer, but he does admit that she would never get another opportunity like this, but still expects her to finish college, LOL KRISTEN’S DAD.

Her voice is soft and raspy, so it is no surprise that Christina is the first to push her button.

Not long after, Blake pushes his button!

Blake and Christina start yelling to Kristen’s mom telling her to choose them.

Kristen chooses… Team Christina!


Evan Taylor Jones is from Inglewooooood, but him and his family ended up moving to Florida when he was small.

Unfortunately, his mother passed away from cancer when he was a kid, so he dedicated his performance to his mother.

Sadly, none of the coaches pushed their buttons for Evan Taylor.


Taking a break from the country side, Nate Butler comes along. He was in plays in high school and was part of the choir on campus, but post-graduation he is now a bus boy and he hopes to impress the judges considering, as he puts it, he does not sound like he looks.

Sure enough, his voice does not match his appearance, but he is sooo good!

Almost in sync, at the last few seconds, Blake, Adam, and Pharrell push their buttons!

In the end, Nate chooses… Team Adam!


Ending the show tonight is, Ryan Quinn. He is truly goal-oriented and seems very humble.

Christina is the first to push her button, then Adam and Pharrell are not too far along after.

Then Blake pushes his just in time for the first and only FOUR CHAIR TURNAROUND and standing ovation tonight!

Ryan makes the toughest decision of the night and decides to choose… Team Adam!


That’s it for tonight everyone! Who was your favorite? Anyone who has the potential to take it all?!

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