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The Voice Season 10 Blind Auditions Night 4 – Recap!

The first performer up was Tamar Davis from Houston, TX. At the age of 11, she was in a girl group that eventually led to the very first trial of Destiny’s Child, but sadly her parents removed her from the group before anything could really happen.

She was a singer for Prince, and was offered a role in the Marriage Counselor with Tyler Perry and is now hoping to finally be in the front of the stage. Crazy moment when Tyler Perry is actually there at your audition!

Christina is the first to push her button, while the boys contemplate.

On the last note, Blake pushes his button, bringing a very upset Christina, as they duke it out for Tamar.

Tamar chooses… Team Christina!


Next we have Jessica Crosbie from England, but she is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. She was in choir and a lot of musicals growing up and taught herself how to play the guitar.

Jessica shared that when she was growing up in England, she listened to Maroon 5 a lot, and that she hopes to be able to work with Adam.

At the same time, Christina, Pharrell, and Adam push their buttons!

Jessica chooses… Team Pharrell!


Justin Whisnant, is from Bearden, OK (uh-oh watch out Blake!). He started singing in grade school and different churches, but after high school graduation he got a job with a boss that ultimately made him make a decision to work or sing, and Justin chose to sing.

Surprisingly, Adam is the first to push his button!

Blake pushes his button!

Justin chooses… Team Blake!


Jackie Lipson is up next, from Windsor, CT. Jackie shares that when she was growing up, she was very insecure with the way she looked on the outside. In college was when she began to feel comfortable with who she was and what she wanted to do in life.

Sadly, Jackie did not get any chairs to turn around.


Daniel Passino from New Boston, MI said that growing up he used to try singing “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera! He grew up playing sports until middle school when he learned to play instruments, and that was when the music idea kind of started for him.

Christina is the first to push her button!

Sneak attack, here’s Blake again at the last second!

Daniel chooses… Team Christina!


Maya Smith from Los Angeles, CA currently woks for the US Postal Service, which to her is not that exciting. Her mom does not think that singing is her calling, but her mom also worked for the US Postal Service, it might be a biased thing honestly.

Christina and Pharrell push their buttons.

Maya chooses… Team Pharrell!


Nolan Neal is from Nashville, TN. At the age of 18, he got a record deal with Virgin records, and sadly, not long after that, his father was going through a troublesome time, and killed himself. Nolan shared that his father called to tell him that he was going to do it, but they got into an argument that resulted in Nolan hanging up on his father.

Sadly, none of the judges pushed their buttons during his performance. All of them said that it just wasn’t the right song for him to sing, and I definitely agree with them.


Brittney Lawrence is a cheer-leading coach from Florida. She sings Demi Lovato’s “Warrior” and belts it out like it’s no one business.

Christina pushes her button.

Of course, not long after, Blake pushes his at the last second.

Surprisingly, Brittney chooses… Team Blake!


Blake also picked up Teresa Guidry.

Christina got Chelsea Gann

Adam gets Lily Green.


Matt Teder is another singer from Nashville, TN. Get this, he found an electric guitar while playing hide-and-seek, and that basically started his music career.

Adam pushes his button.

Matt is on… Team Adam.


The last performance, Joe Maye. Joe is a return audition-er, from last season. When he first auditioned he didn’t get any chairs to turn for him, but this season is different.

During his performance, he was able to get both Blake and Christina to push their buttons!

Christina sings part of a song with him, which gives him no choice but to choose… Team Christina!


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