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The Voice Season 10 – Battle Rounds Night 2!

Tonight is night 2 of the battle rounds! Last night there were some great performances, and tough decisions were made.


The first battle of the night was from Team Christina. She paired up Shalyah Fearing and Tamar Davis singing “Lady Marmalade.” Shalyah and Tamar had the best people to be coaching them as the song originated 1975 from Patti LaBelle’s girl group, and then Christina was featured on a remake of the song.

Both gave it their all during their performance, but it was Tamar who took the crowning.

Pharrell then pushed his button to steal Shalyah.


Next, from Team Blake, we have Justin Whisnant and Mary Sarah performing “Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man.” Blake thought that the song would fit both perfectly because of their personalities that come out during their performances.

Justin and Mary Sarah gave their all during this performance, and Christina complimented on Mary Sarah’s high notes during the performance.

Blake ended up choosing Mary Sarah as the winner of the battle, and sadly none of the other coaches pushed their buttons to steal Justin.


Team Pharrell’s first pairing of the night was Jessica Crosbie and Nick Hagelin. Pharrell admitted that although both artists were different, he believed that they could both bring an interesting performance. Pharrell picked the song “Electric Feel” by MGMT for these two, and I think they both did a great job.

Jessica had to dig deep to a part of her voice she is not normally used to, and adviser, Diddy, told Jessica and Nick that they needed to bring a lot of confidence in this performance.

Pharrell decided that the winner of the battle was Nick because he felt that Nick showed more of changing the things that he told him to change.

Thankfully, Adam pushed his button to steal Jessica!


Chelsea Gann and Kata Hay were next up from Team Christina performing, “I’m The Only One” by Melissa Etheridge.

In the beginning of rehearsals, Chelsea seemed to be struggling with the song a little bit, but by the final rehearsal, you could definitely see the difference and see how much she had improved.

During this performance, I honestly felt as though Chelsea was the better performer, however, Christina disagreed as she chose Kata as the winner, and sadly, Chelsea was sent home.


From Team Adam, we have Natalie Yacovazzi and Nate Butler performing adviser’s Tori Kelly’s song, “Hollow.”

I feel like that would be such a weird thing; having to help someone sing your song in their own way, but Tori was a good sport about it, even sharing, “I love when somebody has their own interpretation of my own song.”

This was a great performance, but I definitely thought Nate was the better one of this performance.

Adam’s opinion seemed to agree as well as he chose Nate as the winner of the battle, sending Natalie home.



Team Pharrell was the last ones up for tonight with Hannah Huston and Maya Smith singing “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Any song by Sia is a hard song to sing, so when it came to rehearsals, both girls were having some trouble.

Diddy came to Maya and told her to get out of her shell, then told Hannah that she needed to get some attitude for the song. It did not take long after that for both girls to show off their amazing voices.

Pharrell decided that Hannah was the winner of this battle, but Christina was focused on Maya the whole time.

As Christina is saying how excited she was to have Maya on her team, Blake pushed his button, pretty much at the last second, and everyone is shocked.

In the end, Maya still chose to stay with Team Christina.


That’s all for tonight guys! Join us again next week as we continue on with The Voice Season 10!


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