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The Voice S12E11 – Recap!

Tonight was the start of the second week of Battle rounds and I can truthfully say that this season’s contestants are all absolutely amazing. If you don’t believe me… take a look for yourself…

Josh Hoyer vs. TSoul: “In the Midnight Hour”


Both great singers with amazing stage presence. TSoul shows a more natural stage presence than Josh does, however Josh is truly just happy to be there and be doing what he loves.

Coach Blake decides to keep TSoul on his team, unfortunately sending Josh home.

Caroline Sky vs. Stephanie Rice: “The First Cut Is the Deepest”  


Caroline opens up the song and it is just sung beautifully, and Stephanie follows after, and with her raspy voice it actually matches almost perfectly with this song.

Coach Gwen makes the decision to keep… Stephanie!

But worry not Caroline fans… Caroline is saved by Blake!!

Kawan DeBose vs. Malik Davage: “Love Me Now”  


Currently my favorite song right now, so as soon as they started singing I was amazed. Their vocals fit so perfectly for this son. My only issue with that they tried to add too much of their personality into it that sometimes, to me at least, it seemed like it was a little off beat, or didn’t match the song… but hey I’m not a coach!

Both great performances from Team Adam, but Adam decided to keep Malik!

Hunter Plake vs. Jack Cassidy: “Dancing on My Own”  


This is actually one of my favorites from tonight. The power in their voices, and just how much emotion was put into this performance was unbelievable. I really hope that whoever is eliminated gets saved because they are both just amazing singers that deserve to be in this competition.

Alicia chooses to keep… Jack!

But no worries, because Hunter was saved by Gwen!

Autumn Turner vs. Vanessa Ferguson: “Killing Me Softly with His Song”  


Another favorite performance of mine. Autumn and Vanessa made this song truly like it was their own, and their rendition of it was amazing.

Alicia decides to keep Vanessa on her team!

BUT Autumn is saved for Team Adam!

Johnny Hayes vs. Julien Martinez: “Hard to Handle”  


I’m honestly not exactly sure how I feel about this performance, I’m in between with it. Both have potential to be great singers, in fact we saw that during the blind auditions… but this performance was a little rough. Regardless, they still gave it their all.

 Adam decides to keep Johnny, and based off this performance, I do think that was the better decision.

Aaliyah Rose vs. Savannah Leighton: “Treat You Better”  


This song could not have been more perfect song for these young women. They were both able to add some girl power moments into this performance, along with them being super cute and adorable.

Gwen chooses to keep Aaliyah!

Josh West vs. Nala Price: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”  


Started off a little odd, but nonetheless still great singers and a great performance! Josh is able to get his voice pretty high to match Nala, and Nala sings everything so perfectly.

Adam chooses to keep Josh!

Andrea Thomas vs. Micah Tryba: “What Hurts the Most” 


Another favorite performance of mine from tonight, this reminded me of a country/pop duo song that would have a super cool music video (make that happen ASAP please). Both are amazing singers, and I truly mean amazing. Blake is going to have a really tough decision with this one.

But ultimately, Blake chooses to keep, Andrea!

Battle Montage: Enid vs. Valerie, Hanna vs. Sheena, Jozy vs. Troy  


Enid vs. Valerie; Blake chooses to keep Enid!

Hannah vs. Sheena; Adam chooses to keep Hannah!

Jozy vs. Troy; Gwen chooses to keep Troy!

Short and simple, but be sure to check out www.youtube.com/NBCTheVoice for more videos and behind the scenes look for this week’s show!

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