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Live Blog: The Voice Night One of the Season 9 Finale!!!

FINALLY the first night of the season finale of The Voice is here!

It’s been awhile since we have done a Live Blog, and we are back!!!

So excited to see what tonight brings for our final contestants:

Jordan Smith, Emily Ann Roberts, Barrett Baber, and Jeffery Austin!


Each artist is performing 3 songs tonight: 1 song, 1 holiday song, and 1 song with their coach!

The first one up tonight is Jordan Smith from Team Adam!

2 out of the 5 times he was in the iTunes Top 10, he was number one. Watching Jordan interact with Adam during rehearsals is the cutest and most sweetest thing ever.

Jordan performs, “Climb Every Mountain.” As usual, Jordan shows that he well deserves to be in this competition. I got chills listening to this performance. He even got a standing ovation from all 4 coaches and every person in the audience!


Emily Ann Roberts from Team Blake is up next performing her holiday song, “Blue Christmas.”

She sings this song so beautifully, and if she ever makes a Christmas album (fingers crossed) this is the kind of music she would have on their. It was the perfect pace for Emily and her voice.

Emily’s performance definitely has me in the holiday spirit.


Barrett Baber and Blake Shelton are performing their duet next! They are performing, “Rhinestone Cowboy.”

At first I did not believe that was a real song, but it is, it definitely is.

Overall, this is a great performance. Barrett proved he’s got what it takes, and Blake proved that he’s still got it.

Looks like I’ll be listening to this song more.


Up next, from Team Gwen is Jeffery Austin, performing his holiday song, “Oh Holy Night.”

I really like Jeffery, he has such an amazing voice. This rendition of the song is probably the best one I have heard.

Gwen looks so happy and emotional after his performance, I really did have chills during his performance too, it has been a great season for Jeffery.


Next is, Jordan’s duet with Adam. They are performing “God Only Knows.”

Although I love both singers, this performance was kind of awkward to me.

It was good overall though!


Barrett Baber is next performing “Die a Happy Man.”

The set-up of the stage is cute, and it matches this performance perfectly.

As far as his performance goes, I think it is also amazing. Barrett has some serious talent and I am so happy that he has made it this far.

I think that this was a good song choice for him.


Emily Ann Roberts and Blake Shelton perform “Islands in the Stream.”

This was a great duet, and I think I will also be listening to this song more often.

Emily has so much talent for being so young, I am very jealous of her!


Jeffery Austin is performing “Stay.”

It is amazing to think that he almost did not come on to audition for the show. Jeffery has truly come so far and has made this into a serious life experience.

His performance is beyond amazing, if there were people who doubted him before, this performance should have changed your minds real quick.

With this performance, you would think this is his celebratory performance after it was just announced that he won.


Barrett Baber is up next performing his holiday song, “Silent Night.”

This was another great performance of Barrett’s, Blake says that there is no one else like him, and it is true. Barrett has a true one-of-a-kind talent.

I hope that, even if he doesn’t win, he still makes a career in music.


Jeffery Austin and Gwen Stefani perform their duet, “Leather and Lace.”

The song choices for tonight were kind of odd considering that it is the finale, but for the most part the performers make it work.

This was a great performance by Jeffery and Gwen.


Jordan Smith performs his holiday song, “Mary Did You Know?”

These are the kinds of songs that Jordan is meant to be singing! Jordan can pretty much sing any kind of song and make it sound amazing, but these songs are where his heart is truly at and where he shows more passion for.


Closing out the show tonight is Emily Ann Roberts singing “Burning House.”

This song is fairly current and is playing on the radio today, which works to her own advantage. She can connect to the song on a completely different level.

This was probably the best song choice for her, and one of her best performances.


That’s it for tonight guys! What do you all think of tonight’s performances?

Don’t forget to VOTE!!!

If you missed the show you can check out each performance here!

Also be sure to check out our very own Ruben Jay talking with the coaches and contestants here!

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