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The Voice Night 2 Live Blog!!!

It’s almost time! Come join us for night 2 during the second week of auditions!

I’m looking forward to see who else will be joining the coaches teams! Are you?

Send in your comments about what you think of tonight’s show!!


To start the show we get a highlight of how many members each coach has on their team. Adam has a total of 7, and Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake all have 8. The teams are about half full which means these coaches are going to really start fighting for who they want.


The first artist tonight is Darius Scott, he grew up in Church and started singing at a young age there. He is currently working as a Freelance Stylist, but has been waiting for the opportunity to pursue a career in music. Well, tonight might just be his night.

Darius comes out singing “You Make Me Wanna.” He has a very sweet voice, and Adam is the first to push his button. After that, it seems like Darius calmed down and truly started hitting those notes. That followed with Gwen and Pharrell pushing their buttons.

Each coach starts giving their pitch of why Darius should choose them. After consideration, Darius chooses…. Team Pharrell!!


Next we have, Korin Bukowski has the most cutest/weird personalities, but it totally works for her! She went through such a rough time growing having even teachers tell her that they expected nothing from her.

It’s time for Korin to prove all those people wrong who have doubted her in the past.

When Korin starts singing, she has such a unique voice! She starts hitting some really awesome notes and Gwen pushes her button.

The song comes to an end and Korin is now on Team Gwen!!


Next up is Krista Hughes, her parents had her when they were just 14 years old! Her grandparents have helped to raise her, and just before her audition they share a sweet emotional moment together.

You can also tell Krista is a country singer, so we’re hoping for Blake, but Adam might even try to push on this one.

Sure enough, as soon as she starts singing, Adam pushes his button. Then not too long after, Gwen, Blake, and Pharrell follow making it a 4 chair turnaround!

The camera flashes to her grandparents watching in the room and they’re so happy and emotional, honestly I almost started balling my eyes out from watching.

Krista is left with the tough decision and she decides to go with… Team Blake!


Janae Strother grew up with her mother being a Pastor and shares the experience of coming out to her parents her freshman year of college. Still together and going strong, she is now a teacher and here to pursue her love for music.

Janae breaks down to some “Uptown Funk” and completely lets loose from what she is used to.

Sadly the song comes to an end, and none of the judges push their buttons. However, all of the judges say she sounded like she was having fun, maybe even too much which is why they say they would have chose her had she just calmed down a bit.


15 year old, Chance Pena, says music is something he could lose himself in.

Chance sings “I See Fire” and at some point during the song hits a sweet note that makes Adam push his button.

Making Adam the only one to push his button, Chance is now on Team Adam!


Viktor Kiraly. Currently lives in Hungary and is hoping to get the opportunity to sing in the States. He is already experienced becoming a famous singer in Hungary, so he’s got that going for him.

He comes out singing and is honestly an amazing singer. Immediately Adam pushes his button.

A little later in the song, Blake says, “I gotta turn around” so he pushes his button.

Then following, Pharrell and Gwen push their buttons making it a 4 chair turnaround!

I am interested to see who Viktor will choose on this one. Gwen walks up to him and points out that she is the only girl on that side, I’m sure hoping that he will pick her as his coach.

Leaving Viktor to make the final decision, he decides to go with… Team Adam!


Julie Broadus is an Army baby. She is used to moving around and getting accustomed to new things. Julie admits she was a nerd in high school, getting all A’s… well except one B… ONE.

As someone accepted in to Georgia Tech, she has decided that auditioning for The Voice is something that she needs to do.

She starts singing and definitely has a voice that we haven’t heard yet this season. Unfortunately, none of the judges were that impressed with her singing and no one pushed their button.


Cole Criske was 10 years old when he lost his father due to a drunk driver hitting him. He shares how precious time is, and used music as a way to let go of his bottled up feelings.

With a story like this, you can only hope that Cole gets the opportunity to be part of one of these coach’s teams. With the look like a younger Jonas brother, he starts singing and almost immediately Gwen pushes her button.

This is another story that’s making me all kinds of emotional.

Blake pushes his button, and then Pharrell. Leaving Adam the only coach not to turn his chair, but he still gives great feedback.

After Blake points out that he has won 4 seasons and that he is still friends and supporter with a contestant from season 1, Cole was all ears and ultimately chooses Team Blake!!


Alex Kandel is a nanny from Nashville, TN. She got the opportunity to be lead singer of the band, Sleeper Agent. Sadly, the band decided to part ways and Alex must start over in her music career.

Singing Echosmith’s “Bright,” right away Gwen pushes her button.

The song goes on and Adam pushes his button.

Leaving only Gwen and Adam with their chairs turned, Alex chooses… Team Gwen!


Coming from a military family, Celeste Betton , first joined choir at the age of 7. Music was part of her life, and then after high school she found out she was pregnant. After having her daughter, she continued on her education, and eventually met her husband, who is also in the military.

Celeste chooses to sing a Jennifer Hudson song and honestly does an amazing job of singing it.

With her family standing by, and Celeste singing her heart out, Pharrell pushes his button and by the end of the song, he is the only one turned around. That makes Celeste Team Pharrell!


The final performance of the night are twin sisters, Andi and Alex. Their parents met in a country band, and both grew up being around the music path.

The sisters both started their own band, but unfortunately, split up last year. Alex and Andi believe that this could possibly be their last shot at music.

They come out singing a sweet ballad, “Thank You” and immediately Gwen pushes her button, then Adam follows. The song goes on, and it’s not too long after that Blake and Pharrell both decide to join in on the fun by pushing their buttons making it another 4 chair turnaround!

With each coach giving their pitch and giving awesome feedback, Andi and Alex decide to go… Team Adam!


That’s it for tonight’s show!

Thank you all for joining us, and don’t forget we are back at it next Monday and Tuesday night!

Join us next week for theĀ final nights of blind auditions!

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