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The Voice Live Playoffs!

The Voice Live Playoffs started tonight, and since the elections are tomorrow (I know, where did the time go?), we only have one episode of The Voice this week; because of that, tonight’s episode went a little different than usual.

“Team by team, each individual artist will perform tonight, and America will vote for their favorites via Twitter or the show’s mobile app in real-time. By the end of the episode, the two most popular artists from each team will move on, and then each coach will pick one of their remaining three singers to complete their teams for the Top 12.”

*With that being said, tonight’s article will be listed by Teams!*

This is something new and different for The Voice. Do you like it?

The first team up tonight is Team Alicia Keys. 

Christian Cuevas is the first to perform, and he has chosen to sing “Yesterday”.

Christian gave an amazing performance, and the coaches also think so because they are all standing by the end of his performance.


Next up from Team Alicia is Kylie Rothfield performing “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”.

It is her own rendition of the song, but she still rocks it and shows what she is truly capable of!


We McDonald is up next performing “Home”. Another amazing performance for such a young lady!


Next we have, Josh Halverson performing “Cupid” and he proves that he deserves to be here! Looks like Coach Alicia stealing him for her team was a good idea after all!


The final member of Team Alicia performing tonight is Sa’Rayah giving yet another great performance, of the song “I’d Rather Go Blind”.


Team Blake Shelton is the next team up for tonight!

The first performer to take the stage is Dana Harper who absolutely kills with her rendition of “Maneater”.


Next up, we have Austin Allsup giving an awesome performance of “Jailhouse Rock”.


Jason Warrior wowed the crowd with a very unique version of “One Dance”, another competitor proving that he belongs in this competition.


Performing next is Sundance Head performing a stripped down version of “Blue Ain’t Your Color”.


Last up from Team Blake is Courtney Harrell who shows off her amazing talent performing “It Must Have Been Love”.


At this point, the results have come in for Team Alicia.

The two singers who received the most votes for Team Alicia are:

Christian Cuevas and We McDonald! 

Now it is Coach Alicia who is left with the very tough decision to choose from her other contestants to move on to the next round; ultimately she chooses… Sa’Rayah! 

The next team for tonight is Team Miley Cyrus! 

Sophia Urista is up first performing (and showing off her amazing talent), “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”


Performing next is Darby Walker singing “Those Were the Days”, and it is the type of performance that proves her to be a standout in this competition.


Next is Aaron Gibson who gets the crowd going with “Round Here”!


Following, we have Belle Jewel performing “Runaway”, she was also someone who Coach Miley stole during the knockouts.


Last up for Team Miley is Ali Caldwell performing a great version of “Times Have Changed”.


The results are in now for Team Blake! 

The two singers who received the most votes are:

Sundance Head and Austin Allsup! 


Now it is Coach Blake who is left with the very tough decision to choose from his other contestants to move on to the next round; ultimately he chooses… Courtney Harrell!

Last but not least, we finally have Team Adam performing!

First up to perform is Brendan Fletcher who gives an amazing performance of “To Love Somebody”.


Next up we have, Simone Gundy performing “Diamonds”, and shows off her amazing range!


Josh Gallagher is up next performing “Colder Weather” and nails it!


Youngster Riley Elmore amazes everyone performing “Luck Be A Lady”!


The final performer is Billy Gilman who does not fail to impress as the last performer, singing “Crying”.


At this point, the results have come in for Team Miley.

The two singers who received the most votes are:

Aaron Gibson and Ali Caldwell

Now it is Coach Miley who is left with the very tough decision to choose from her other contestants to move on to the next round; ultimately she chooses… Darby Walker


After a little bit more waiting, we find out the results for Team Adam! 

The two singers who received the most votes for Team Adam are:

Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher! 

Now it is Coach Adam who is left with the very tough decision to choose from his other contestants to move on to the next round; ultimately he chooses… Brendan Fletcher

Although it sounds like it was repetitive, each one of these artists did absolutely amazing during their performances tonight!

After tonight, we now have our Top 12 contestants! As stated earlier, there will not be a show tomorrow night (11/8) due to the elections, so be sure to join us next week for another blog!


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