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The Voice Live Playoffs Night 2 Live Blog

The Live Playoffs night 2 are here!

Don’t forget that since we are in the Live Playoffs, the way the show runs is a bit different. Last night, only Team Adam and Team Gwen performed. Tonight, we have performances from Team Pharrell and Team Blake!

This season, for the first time ever in Voice history, the coaches are allowed to bring back one artist to perform in the Live Playoffs!

Also there’s no more “calling-in” for votes, stay tuned for after the performances to find out how you can vote for your favorite artist! Carson Daly repeats throughout the show that by the end of the week, the teams will be CUT IN HALF, so make sure to send in your votes!


First up tonight, we have Darius Scott is up first from Team Pharrell.

He performs the coolest rendition of “Love Lockdown” that I have ever heard.

Darius gets a standing ovation from his coach Pharrell and the crowd kept cheering even way after the performance was done.

He might also be another shoe-in for the next round.


Ivonne Acero is the first to perform from Team Blake.

She sings, “One of Us,” which, personally I think it was a little too deep in her voice range.

However, her story of how The Voice has helped her gained confidence in herself is very sweet. Where she stands in this competition can go either way.


Morgan Frazier was originally on Team Blake, then was stolen by Pharrell, and then stolen back by Blake.

Tonight she is putting a country spin to the song “Lips of an Angel.”

She comes out looking a little bit like Carrie Underwood, and performs the song flawlessly.


Next up from Team Pharrell, we have Evan McKeel performing, “Overjoyed.”

During rehearsals, Evan shows his excitement for this song, and all you can do is hope he performs it with all of his heart.

Sure enough, Evan does not disappoint with this performance. The only critique for his performance was his moves on the stage, he’s kind of awkward about how he flows around the stage, so that needs to be worked on more if he is one of the lucky ones to move on.


Surprise! Season 8 winner Sawyer Fredericks returns for the night to announce that his first single comes out tomorrow! Stay on the lookout for that!


Madi Davis is next from Team Pharrell and she’s performing, “Songbird.”

Last night was Team Gwen’s time to shine, tonight Team Pharrell has easily got it in the bag. Every artist on his team has done an amazing job during their performances.

Madi has such a unique soft and sweet voice, she is definitely one to look out for.


Pharrell’s comeback artist is Celeste Betton.

Celeste was the shocker during the battle rounds, she impressed everyone but sadly, Pharrell chose Mark over her.

She performed “Something in the Water” and, as her return performance, she did not disappoint.


Zach Seabaugh impressed me a bit by, somehow, being able to pull off Sam Hunt’s “Take Your Time” during his blind audition.

Seeing his rehearsal scares me just a little bit. The reason being is the song he is singing, “Brand New Girlfriend” is a little more country than we have seen him perform before.

I will admit though, I was impressed by his performance tonight. One of the better ones for Zach, however, his spot in the next round is also debatable.


Riley Biederer is next from Team Pharrell. During rehearsals, it’s shown that she is going to perform “Should’ve Been Us.”

Just watching the rehearsal, I am very excited for this performance. I love the song to begin with, and I think that Riley is going to knock it out the park.

Sure enough, Riley continues to amaze the coaches and viewers with how she can add her own spin to these popular songs.

She might have a spot locked in for her in the next rounds.


Blake Shelton’s comeback artist is Nadjah Nicole. He admits that he was planning to bring her back since the knockout rounds. I think that this is kind of unfair that the coaches know way ahead of time that there’s this ‘twist’ in the season because then they can strategically plan exactly the way that Blake did.

Nadjah sings “Upside Down,” and performs it well. The issue is that it was not her best for her ‘comeback’ performance. It was also kind of awkward that she had this huge stage to work with and used none of it… But that’s just me..


Emily Ann Roberts is next up for Team Blake, performing “In the Garden.”

Honestly, she is one of the few from his team that continue to impress viewers every week.

Although she sang the song so beautifully, it might have been a little too soft and sweet of a song, that could either help her, or hurt her… We’re hoping it helps!


Mark Hood, from Team Pharrell, has been given the song, “What Do You Mean?” I’m curious to see how Mark manages to get this song to sound normal instead of the dance song that it normally is.

Oddly enough, Mark pulls of this song to the best of his ability, and I was pretty impressed with it.

Pharrell has a pretty solid team this season, eliminations are going to be a tough time.


Closing out the live playoffs we have, from Team Blake, Barrett Baber, performing “I Drive Your Truck.”

Barrett is one of the better performers, I think, from Team Blake, however I think he should have gone before Mark, only because the song was a slower country ballad.

Overall, I enjoyed Barrett’s performance, he sang his heart out the whole way and I was very much impressed with his performance.


Well guys that’s it for tonight’s performances! Don’t forget to vote, vote, vote!

As Carson Daley has said over and over, the teams will be cut in half so make sure you vote for your favorite artists!

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