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The Voice Live Playoffs Night 1 Live Blog

The Live Playoffs are here! My absolute FAVORITE part of every season of The Voice!

Let’s get ready to see what these contestants bring to the table tonight!

Don’t forget that since we are in the Live Playoffs, the way the show runs is a bit different. Tonight, only Team Adam and Team Gwen will be performing!

This season, for the first time ever in Voice history, the coaches are allowed to bring back one artist to perform in the Live Playoffs!

Also there’s no more “calling-in” for votes, stay tuned for after the performances to find out how you can vote for your favorite artist! Carson Daly repeats throughout the show that by the end of the week, the teams will be CUT IN HALF, so make sure to send in your votes!


Blaine Mitchell is the first artist performing tonight from Team Adam. Newlywed Blaine is still in wedding mode and excited to just be there. Performing “Never Tear Us Apart,” Blaine comes out singing his heart out in a black and blue stage setting. During his performance, the camera pans over to his wife in the stands, and he begins to sing directly to her and it is such a sweet moment, and a great way to begin the show!


Regina Love is the first artist from Team Gwen, she was lucky enough to be able to perform Adele’s new (hit) song “Hello.” Regina says that if she were to make an album right now, this is the type of music she would make. She truly sings the song with everything that she has.

I’m not sure if it was a technical thing (that’s what we are hoping) but once the chorus started, things got a bit rocky. Hopefully that does not mess her up later.


Next up we have, from Team Adam, Keith Semple. Keith was actually in a boy band back in the UK awhile back; they even had a song that charted at number 2!! With that UK still standing by him, he has been giving it all he has for each and every performance.

His performance of the song, “To Be With You” was good, however, I personally do not believe that it was one of his best. BUT he does have a strong following, so there’s still a chance.


Shelby Brown is next, she is the only country artist on Adam’s team. For this performance, “She’s No Good.” I think that this song is the best fit for her, and it will give her the opportunity to truly show herself to the viewers.

Of all the artists, Shelby has been the lucky one when it came to songs choices. Every week she continues to impress the coaches and the viewers. It would be a huge surprise if she did not get a spot in next week’s shows.


Korin Bukowski comes out with a look that’s different than what we are used to. Gwen hooked her up with her stylists and gave Korin a whole new look.

Korin’s performance was a soft and sweet one as she performed, “Aidia.” The problem is that she is still kind of shy and hiding behind.. something, not exactly sure what it is. Her ranking is still debatable.


Ellie Lawrence is the artist that Gwen decided to bring back for the live playoffs. She performed “Ex’s and Oh’s.” Ellie was a great performer when she was first on the show, and tonight further proved that she belongs on the show.

The only problem is that during the performance, she got a little too excited and got too close to the band which caused a weird technical error that did not sound good.


Jeffery Austin, from Team Gwen, performed “Say You Love Me.”

After his performance, Gwen says that she’s got it in the bag. Could this actually be the year that Gwen takes the win?!

Jeffery pours his heart out in the performance and lays it all out on the table. Adam says he believes he could win the whole competition and Pharrell says that it was easily the best performance of the night.


Braiden Sunshine, another member from Team Gwen, is set with the song, “Everything I Own.” One of my personal favorite songs. I do worry a bit with this song, as Braiden’s voice is a little too high pitched for me with this song.

Braiden comes out, ditching the glasses, and with straightened hair. Prior to tonight, Braiden was actually doing really good in the competition and was showing progress. This week, I feel like the timing was a little off on the song, and even Adam gives some constructive criticism and says that the song did not help him show off the progress he’s made.


Amy Vachal, Adam’s steal from last week is up next. She is performing, “The Way You Look Tonight.” Every time I hear this song I think of one thing, the movie, My Best Friend’s Wedding, my favorite movie ever.

I think that this song was a great choice for Amy, her voice is the perfect kind of tone that this song needs when it is being performed.

Blake makes a comment, that once you hear it, you won’t forget it… Amy has the type of voice that would be perfect for a Christmas album… collaboration with Michael Bublé maybe?


Viktor Kiraly is next from Team Gwen, and he is performing, “All Around the World.” As soon as the song starts, I am very impressed with him. Then he hits this falsetto, close to an Adam Levine range, maybe even higher.

This is another artist that deserves a spot in next week’s show. Every week he has improved his performances, definitely one of the better ones this season.


Chance Pena is Adam’s comeback artist, and the pressure is on for him to impress everyone. Chance performs “Barton Hollow.”

The problem, that is easily noted in this performance, is that Chance is trying very hard to give it a dramatic tone, however, he is letting it out a little too quick and loud, so it sounds like there is no control in the breaks of his voice for this song.

As a fan of Chance’s, I am happy that he is back, however, I don’t think this was the right song for him to perform on his ‘comeback’ performance, the odds might not be in his favor after this performance.


Closing out the night, from Team Adam, we have Jordan Smith performing “Halo.” Jordan impressed us during his blind audition performing “Chandelier,” and Adam admitted that he was so impressed by Jordan’s rehearsals that he had tears in his eyes.

He starts off very soft and mellow, then once that chorus hits, he hits the sweet spot of his range, and it is amazing. At the end of the performance, Jordan gets a standing ovation from all the coaches, and the audience won’t even stop cheering for them to comment after. He has got to be a shoe-in for the next rounds, if not the world is set for a huge disappointment.


That is all for tonight’s show! Join us again tomorrow to watch Team Pharrell and Team Blake performances. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite artists, by the end of the week, the teams will be cut in half so every vote counts!

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