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The Voice Knockout Rounds Recap

Tonight kicked off the first night of the Knockout Rounds! This week kickstart featured the help from advisor, Rihanna, who truly was such a great advisor to these contestants.

Day one brought many awesome performances, and, spoiler alert, here’s how they went…

First up, from Team Adam, was Alex and Andi vs. Blaine Mitchell. Alex and Andi were pushed by Adam and Rihanna to try and change up the song a bit so that each individual voice could be noticed. The sisters sang a rendition of “Stupid Boy,” and Blaine sang, “Hold Back the River.” Blaine sang the song with so much more passion than the girls did, and that was what Adam was truly looking for in this knockout.

Adam ultimately made the decision that Blaine was the winner of the knockout, sending the remaining duo home.


Next up, is Team Gwen with Braiden Sunshine and Ellie Lawrence. Gwen and Rihanna both said that he needed to loosen up a bit while performing “I’m Feeling Good.” By doing that, he took off his glasses and slicked his hair back and he was a completely new kid. Ellie did a great job performing, however, compared to Braiden, she could have done better.

With that being said, it is no surprise that Braiden was the winner of this knockout battle sending Ellie home.


Team Blake is next, Barrett Baber vs. Blind Joe. Barrett dedicated his song to his wife and was able to bring in so much emotion to the song. Pharrell said that Blind Joe had added a great spin to his performance.

In the end, Blake felt that Barrett has the potential to perform a variety of ways, which is why he chose Barrett as the winner of the battle.


Pharrell paired up Amy Vachal and Madi Davis, Rihanna suggested to Amy that she make her performance a little more “sexy” which Amy did not really listen to, but she still did a great job and was able to grasp the coaches attention while performing.

Madi impressed Blake with her Adele-feel and, in the end, impressed Pharrell the most because he chose her over Amy, which truly was shocking.

Using his only steal, Adam pushed his button in attempt to win Amy over, but Blake followed as well hoping to get Amy on his team as well. After the friendly arguing between the coaches, Amy ended up choosing Adam, adding yet another super talented person to his team.


In the next set of knockouts, Blake paired up his steals from last week, Chance Pena and Ivonne Acero. Chance stepped out of comfort zone a bit doing a version of an Imagine Dragons song in a range that he is not used to. Ivonne brought the crowd to their feet with her performance of a Katy Perry.

Blake felt that Ivonne made the most improvement and moved her on to the next week live shows.


Last up for tonight was Team Adam’s, Jordan Smith and Viktor Kiraly. Jordan took on his own version of an Adele song and performed it in the most amazing way possible. Viktor sang an Alicia Keys and gave an almost identical performance (on a level of amazing-ness)

Surprisingly, Adam chose to go with Jordan as the winner, leaving Viktor up for a steal and Gwen pushes her button for him!


Join us tomorrow for a Live Blog of night 2 of the knockouts!

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Marissa Ramirez
Marissa Ramirez
College student who loves binge watching shows on Netflix, and The Voice. Follow my life on Instagram: Marissarami_

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