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The Voice Final Round of Auditions Live Blog!!

Tonight is the night of The Voice’s final round of blind auditions!

Join us as we will be hosting a live blog and to see who will fill those last spots on Coach’s Adam, Gwen, Pharrell, and Blake!


Dustin Christensen is first up. He grew up with a legally blind right eye and had to wear a patch, but that didn’t stop him from joining a band and later graduating college. He admits that he would like to work with Adam Levine. Let’s see if the odds are on his side.

Blake says Dustin sounds like Neil Diamond with Gwen agreeing. Blake pushes his button, then Gwen, then Adam… then Pharrell! That makes it a 4 chair turnaround for the first performer tonight.

Too much surprise, Dustin chose… Team Blake! Meaning that Blake only has one more spot on his team!


Berdine Joseph is from Haiti, when she came here, she did not speak a word of English. Starting in 5th grade, she auditioned for the role of Annie and has been singing and performing ever since. Berdine says that if she could choose any coach, she would choose Pharrell due to similar styles in music.

Berdine comes out singing, “Hey Mama,” which I believe to be such a hard song to sing just decently. Sadly, Berdine did not get any chairs turned however all coaches had great feedback to share.


Dustin Monk says that as a kid he was very persistent. Growing up it was just him and his mom, and one day she was rushed to the hospital due to an overdose on pain killers for her back. He was in a band called, We Still Dream, and after some time in the band, he quit and went to barber school.

Dustin is here in hopes to pursue his true love, music. He comes out singing, “Bright Lights,” and completely starts rocking it.

Adam pushes his button and continues nodding his head along to the song. At one point during the song, Dustin hits a sweet note which causes Blake to push his button.

Could this be the person who takes Blake’s last spot?

Dustin says he has to choose the person who pushed his button first, so he is now part of Team Adam!


Chase Kerby helps run his family candy store in Oklahoma. His father got him in to Jazz when he was younger, and has been in 3 bands. When The City Lives was one of the bands he was in and was actually an opening act for the All-American Rejects!

Chase sings “The Scientist” and the camera pans over to Adam who is already singing along. With the audience clapping along, Gwen pushes her button.

Time passes, and the song comes to an end with Gwen being the only one with her chair turned, making him part of Team Gwen! He even thanks the coaches by giving them a special treat from the candy store!


Dawson Daugherty, is a surfer from San Diego, CA. He got into singing after his youth leader was singer and led Dawson in the direction of music.

Dawson comes out singing Ariana Grande’s, “Problem” and his voice reminds me very much of Max Schneider. Even though he truly sings his heart out, none of the judges pushed their buttons.


Shelby Brown is the next contestant, and she comes out singing “Stars.”

A little while into the song, Blake pushes his button, then Adam, then Gwen, and then Pharrell making it a 4 chair turnaround!

After hearing what each judge has to say, Shelby chooses… Team Adam! Making her the last member of Adam’s team!


Amy Vachal has a love for the arts. Music and painting are two are of her favorite things. She comes out singing “Dream a Little Dream of Me” and immediately Blake, Gwen, and Pharrell push their buttons!

While singing, Blake shouts “Please pick me!”

Amy then chooses… Team Pharrell!


Blaine Mitchell is from Texas and loves alternative rock. Growing up, he focused mostly on sports, and later became more interested in music. ┬áHe came out singing, “Drops of Jupiter” and it is the perfect song to match his style of singing.

Blake pushes his button, then following a little after, Gwen pushes her button. After hearing about where Blaine is from and where he normally performs, Adam concludes that Gwen might not even have a chance.

Blaine decides to choose… Team Blake! That leaves Blake with a full team!


Summer Schappell, grew up being raised by her grandparents. She started performing at the age of 14, and was able to open for different performers with the support from her grandparents. Summer says that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, an that if it wasn’t for her grandparents she would not be here today auditioning.

With Gwen and Pharrell being the only two with spots on their teams, will Summer be what either of them are looking for?

Awhile in to the song, Gwen pushes her button, and not too long after so does Pharrell!

Gwen and Pharrell go back and forth, and Summer chooses… Team Gwen! Filling the last spot on Gwen’s team, she believes she is ready to win.


Caroline Burns is a tiny (4’11”) teenager, who started posting videos on YouTube at the age of 7! Aside from singing the National Anthem at a NASCAR event, this is the biggest performance ever.

At this point, Pharrell is the only one who can push his button, will Caroline impress him enough to take the last spot on his team?

Sadly, the song comes to an end and Pharrell did not push his button.


Sydney Rhame gives guitar lessons to raise money for college. Taking any opportunity she can to perform, her parents help her setup for performances.

Sydney comes out singing Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” and truly sings from her heart.

Finally the moment has come and Pharrell pushes his button, filling the last spot on his team!


That’s it for tonight’s episode of The Voice! Thank you for joining us again for our live blog!

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