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The Voice Eliminations – Who Made It To The Top 10?

Last week’s elimination show was truly a shock to the world when Team Pharrell’s Emily Keener was eliminated against Owen Danoff, so I was scared about who was going to be saved this week, and who was going to be sent home.

*I apologize now for the not-so-detailed article, college student getting ready for finals while watching a favorite show can get confusing sometimes. I wouldn’t be surprised if random words from my essay show up on here.*

Anyways, the night started with Team Christina giving an amazing performance of “Live and Let Die.”

Carson Daley does a great job at adding suspense in the moments just before he announces who is safe, but still, does a pause really need to be that long? Love ya anyways Carson.

The first person to be saved, from Team Blake, Mary Sarah!

The second person to be saved, from Team Christina, Nick Hagelin!

The third person to be saved, from Team Adam, Laith Al-Saadi!

The fourth person to be saved, from Team Christina, Alisan Porter! (YAY!)

The fifth person to be saved, from Team Pharrell, Hannah Huston!

The sixth person to be saved, from Team Blake, Paxton Ingram! (He redeemed himself after last week’s performance!)

The seventh person to be saved, from Team Adam, Shalyah Fearing! (Another YAY! She’s fierce)

The eight person to be saved, from Team Blake, Adam Wakefield!

The ninth person to be saved, from Team Christina, Bryan Bautista!

This means that in this week’s bottom two, it is Daniel Passino and Owen Danoff, once again.

Daniel performed Nick Jonas’ hit “Jealous” and Owen performed Cam’s “Burning House.” Both good performances, but definitely not their best. Then Owen messed up some of the lyrics, and the pressure really just got to both performers.

I actually felt kind of bad for Owen because it was just last week Adam was begging the fans to save Owen so that they can prove he deserved to be here, and this week was just not in his favor, but I know that he’s tried so hard this season…

With the instant save, Daniel was clearly in the lead, but there was still a good amount of people fighting for Owen to continue on.

The moment finally came, and the winner of the instant save, going on to the Top 10, is… (I could definitely be the host of this show) Daniel Passino from Team Pharrell!

Well everyone your Top 10 performers are here! Who are your favorites? Who do think/want to make it to the finale?!


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Marissa Ramirez
Marissa Ramirez
College student who loves binge watching shows on Netflix, and The Voice. Follow my life on Instagram: Marissarami_

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