Vice Media Lays Off 250 Employees, A New Trend In 2019

Vice Media has become one of the latest media companies to lay off significant numbers of staff members in 2019. Recently, BuzzFeed and HuffPost both laid off massive amounts of staff members.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Vice Media has let 250 people go from their staff. That is about 10% of their total staff. Writers, producers, and production staff were all included in this round of layoffs.

“Having finalized the 2019 budget, our focus shifts to executing our goals and hitting our marks,” CEO Nancy Dubuc wrote in a memo sent to staff on Friday morning that was shared with THR. “We will make Vice the best manifestation of itself and cement its place long into the future.”

The Hollywood Reporter

Vice Media on Friday, February 7, 2019 also let go around 30 members of their Vice India team, including the Editor in Chief.