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UFC fighters angry over low pay-outs while investors gain big dividends

The UFC is going to be spending a literal ton of money on their investors. According to the New York Post, UFC has agreed to pay $300 million in a one time dividend payment to their investors. That same report states that the UFC currently has $350 million in their cash reserve and will be using that cash reserve to pay the dividend.

The brunt of anger is directed toward UFC President and minority owner of the promotion, Dana White. White is on track for a $3 million payday along with actor and producer Mark Wahlberg, actress Charlize Theron and model Gisele Bündchen.

Many of the former UFC fighters that are upset that White is making so much money and giving large sums of money to waitresses as tips when they were making pennies when fighting.

“I heard about Dana tipping a waitress $10,000 and that was my wage as a fighter,” said former UFC fighter Kyle Kingsbury. “I lived in my mom’s garage and I had two jobs when I was fighting in the UFC. I was a personal trainer and a bouncer [and] bartender in a strip club.”

UFC was purchased by the William Morris Endeavors and their clients for $4 billion. 

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Ruben Jay
Ruben Jay
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