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Twitch to Host a Yu-Gi-Oh! Marathon

Starting on October 23, popular streaming site Twitch will air all five seasons of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, which will have all 236 episodes showing back to back.

For those familiar with Twitch, they occasionally use the “Twitch Presents” channel to host marathons that range from Bob Ross’s The Joy of Painting to Power Rangers. This past July, Twitch teamed up with Crunchyroll to bring us a marathon of various anime series, and now they’re bringing us another with the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime. Judging by the music used in the announcement, they’re going to be showing the English dub in all of its glory, with its cheesy voice acting and rampant censorship.

Unfortunately, since they won’t be showing any of the spin-off series, we won’t be able to join together to watch card games on motorcycles. However, if you want to join thousands of other viewers in watching rules being flagrantly broken or ignored and people being cursed to the Shadow Realm for losing a card game, you can look forward to the end of this month on Twitch.

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