TV Newswire: Jerry Springer Returns to TV as a Judge, Matt Damon and Jason Momoa Host SNL, Amanda Opens Up About Mental Illness and Depression

Jerry Springer Returns to TV… As a Judge?

The infamous trashy TV host, famous for his 27 seasons of violent, relationship dramas talk show, “The Jerry Springer Show” will be returning to television wearing a different kind of suit. He will be making a return next fall on NBC Universal with a debut the show, “Judge Jerry.” It will be a 30-minute, daily syndicated show where Jerry will hear cases and issue a verdict. Surprisingly, Jerry served as the mayor of Cincinnati, OH for a year and has also had a career law and politics prior to his infamous talk show.

“For the first time in my life, I am going to be called honorable,” Springer states, “My career is coming full circle and I finally get to put my law degree to use after all these years.”


Game of Thrones’,  Jason Momoa and Matt Damon will each host “Saturday Night Live” this December. This will be Momoa’s first time hosting on SNL with musical guests, Mumford & Sons on December 8th.

Damon makes a return hosting a second time on Dec. 15, after his first appearance since his show-stopping performance as a foul-tempered Supreme Court (then) nominee Brett Kavanaugh. Damon will be accompanied by musical guests, Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus.

Amanda Bynes Says  ‘She’s The Man’ Threw Her into Deep Depression

Where in the world has Amanda Bynes been?! In an interview with PAPER Magazine, Amanda Bynes revealed that her 2006 movie, “She’s the Man” left her in a deep depression. Bynes played a teenage girl who dressed as a boy, pretending to be her brother, wearing a short haircut and boyish features.  The role put her in a deep depression, causing schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and addiction to drugs.

“When the movie came out and I saw it … I didn’t like how I looked when I was a boy.” She called seeing herself in the role a “super strange and out-of-body experience. It just really put me into a funk,” Bynes told PAPER.

Bynes reveals she has been sober for the last 4 years; however, remains under a conservatorship appointed to mental health professionals that is extended until 2020.

She’s currently a student at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in L.A. and will eventually like to return to the acting scene soon.