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Trailer breakdown: Star Wars Jedi the fallen order

Last weekend at Star Wars celebrations, EA and respawn finally announced their brand-new Star Wars game with an awesome new trailer. I decided to break down what we saw in the first Trailer for this game.

First thing first the game take places post episode 3 and you play as an on the run Padawan named Cal Kestis. In the trailer we see Cal hiding on Coruscant as a scrapper. It’s cool to see in the trailer as well they are scrapping the Republic starships use during the clone wars.

With that, we can tell it’s still more than likely rather early on in the empire reign. It’ll be fun to see how this plays out because in the canon of Star Wars there is such a dark period of time. Playing as an on the run Jedi hiding in plain sights going to be interesting.

Cal is also played by Cameron Monaghan, he is best known for two shows Shameless; and a personal favorite show of mine Gotham where he played Jerome, Jeremiah and now The Joker. I have all the faith in the world in him to bring an awesome performance to this game.

Moving on something I noticed was that Cal was wall running in the trailer, I assume that’s going to be in the game as well considering the studio Respawn made some of the best wall running mechanics around with the Titianfall series.

Later on in the trailer as well we see the second sister, she part of the inquisitors, ex Jedi turn sith sworn to kill all reaming Jedi. She first appeared in the comics and has been mentioned on the show Star Wars rebel. It’ll be great to see her take center stage as presumably the main villain.

Something I thought was cool was the purge troopers have a very similar look to clone troopers. Their helmets even looking exactly like clones’ troopers we seen in Obi-Wan’s battalion in episode 3.

The game is also running on the unreal engine, which is not the normal engine used for games made by EA.  EA also posted on Twitter stating “no multiplayer, no microtransactions.” All I can say is I hope the stay their word and let Respawn use the Star Wars license in a great way. The game is set to release on November 15th, 2019. If you’re a Star Wars fan I’d definitely think about picking this one up. 

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