TOUCHDOWN BEZOS: Amazon CEO is reportedly interested in buying the Seattle Seahawks

Amazon’s Billionaire CEO, Jeff Bezos, is reportedly looking into buying the Seattle Seahawks, according to The Washington Post. Bezos is the founder of Amazon and also the world riches man, which means that at $105 Billion net-worth, Bezos could buy the team cash.

The NFL requires owners to put a 30% deposit/downpayment toward the purchase of a team. The Seahawks are located less than 2 miles from the Amazon HQ, which would make Bezo’s commute to work very short. The previous owner of the Seahawks, tech billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, Paul Allen, passed away last year.

Panelist of ABC’s Shark Tank, NBA owner, and billionaire, Mark Cuban says that Bezos would make a great NFL owner.

“The NFL could probably use him,” Cuban said. “He’s smart. He’s successful. He’s got a lot of money. Those would be the requirements.