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Top November 2018 Releases

With October over, the first week of November begins and with it, we get more more video games. A note on my process—obviously there quite a lot of games coming out this month as every month—to help keep it simple and I’ve compiled a list of all the new releases. Have no fear. Here are the top games for November.

Side note: these lists will include games I’m playing, but also games that are either worth a look or just down right fun. 

Diablo 3 Eternal Collection: November 2nd, 2018 

Now this is simply an export over to the Nintendo switch, so you are probably wondering why I’m bring it up? The reason is that Diablo is a great series that I have lost my fair share of hours too. Blizzard’s well known RPG saga is a great dungeon crawler, with major mechanic grinding for that sweet sweet loot. If you are into grindy games, and are looking for something to take on the go with your switch, I recommend picking this up. 

Hitman 2: November 13th, 2018 

Hitman 2 is the sequel to incredible Hitman (2016) except this time around the game is shipping with all of it levels in the game on day one. Instead of going with the episodic style of the 2016 version. The biggest new mechanic to this game is the additions of a multiplayer mode. You and friend can play the same level with the same target with objective to kill the target faster than each other. This new addiction to Hitman really has me interested in all the options of screwing with my friends and exploring option to kill faster. It’s one of the game I’ll be picking up for sure. 

Spyro the reignited trilogy: November 13th, 2018  

Here we have the game I am most excited to play Spyro: the Reignited Trilogy. This game first of all is visually breath taking. Toysforbob did a amazing job of updating the graphics and the characters of the game. They updated the music, with the help of Stewart Copeland, the man who composed it originally. This game includes all 3 of the original Spyro titles, Spyro the dragon, Spyro riptos rage, and Spyro the year of the dragon. I can’t begin to tell you how excited I am to play these amazing games again. If you never played before and you like platform, collectathon styles games be sure to pick this one up. 

Fallout 76: November 14, 2018 

I am a huge fallout fan. I have played from 3 up and really love the series. However, I am a little more on edge about this particular title as it is totally online. That’s right you and up to 4 friends can party up and explore the wasteland together. In the place of NPC (Non-Playable Characters) other players explore the map with you. The map is much larger than the one in Fallout 4 to make room for you and your friends to work together to survive and rebuild the wasteland. This is Bethesda’s first go at a MMO style game. I love their games and I really hope this game ends up going well for them. 

Pokemon Lets Go: November 16th, 2018 

Pokemon Lets Go is a re-imagining of Pokemon Yellow. Depending on which game you buy, you either get Pikachu or Eevee as your starter. The big issue with the  release is you can only do battle now with other trainers. This differs from the more or less anyone can battle style like in previous titles. It leans heavily towards Pokemon GO. For instance, when you are capturing Pokemon in the game you simply throw Poke-balls at them instead of doing battle. Now this isn’t me saying the game is going to  be bad, it actually looks like it’ll be quite fun, and the game is simply using mechanics they know work from the mobile game. This looks to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to give it a Go. (No pun intended) 

Battlefield 5: November 20th, 2018 

Battlefield 5 is set back in World War 2 and it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. It looks to be a lot of the same style of game-play that battlefield has used to build its reputation. I am glad to see them going back to World War 2 because this is where one of Battlefield’s strongest titles came from. The game is also going to be introducing its own battle royale mode. It will be launching a little after the game comes out. The story mode that battlefield 1 used will also be returning to tell different stories about people and their time in the war. 

Darksiders 3: November 27th, 2018 

The 3rd installment of game series I personally love has you playing as Fury one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. Visually the game looks amazing. Fury’s whip makes every movement in combat look stylish and fierce. Her story takes place during the events of the first 2 games. So I am curious to see if we will learn more about what happen to Death at the end of the second game. This game looks really fun and I am excited to give it a go. 

Those are my tops picks for November 2018. What games are you going to pick up? Hope this article helped save your wallets some cash. Game on everyone! 

Currently playing: Red Dead Redemption 2 

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