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Top Moments From Monday Night RAW: 2/19/18

Cena and Rollins match was the highlight of the show tonight, it was incredible. The stamina, resilience, determination Rollins showed in this bout was truly unmatched and extraordinary.  He withstood an hour and 5 minutes in the ring tonight, which by the way, is the longest amount of time any competitor has ever spent in a match in the 25+ years of Monday Night Raw.  He went on to beat John Cena, and out came the next superstar, a fresh, rearing to go, Elias.  Fortunately for Elias, Rollins was running out of steam at that point and that gave him the upper hand in this match. Rollins couldn’t pull off a win this time, and Elias got the pin and moved onto his next opponent, Finn Balor.

Elias went straight to work on Balor’s recently repaired shoulder, but it wasn’t enough, Balor landed the Coup de Grace and that was the end of the line for Elias.  Onto the next, Miz and his Miztourage make their way to the ring, and of course with the interference of his accomplices, Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel, Miz defeats Balor.




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