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Top 7 Most F*cked Episodes of Black Mirror

If you’re like me, days that you aren’t working are days to binge watch every Netflix show possible. I mean really, if my account ever shuts down I will do unspeakable things for $10 a month. ANYWAYS. The latest show I’ve fallen victim to is Black Mirror. Be advised if you watch the episodes on this list you will questions 95% of technology and 100% of the people around you. Let’s begin.

#7 – Be Right Back

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Let’s start mild. By mild I mean a women’s boyfriend suddenly dies so she uses an A.I to pretend he’s still alive. Now, like most Black Mirror episodes things got out of hand. This was an extremely advance A.I that would call her utilizing his voice and have full blown conversations with her while she was at her doctors appointments. Doctors appointments for hers and his unborn child, but eventually the phone calls just weren’t enough for her. This small preview doesn’t even scratch the service of how truly demented this episode gets.  Think of the movie “Her” but on really messed up drugs.

#6- Arkangel

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I feel like Arkangel brings a brand new definition to the term “Helicopter Parent”. Essentially Sarah’s mother being paranoid installs a system into her daughter’s brain that allows her to GPS track, Check her vitals, and even see exactly what she’s seeing at that time through a tablet. One of the features even allows her to “Filter” the things Sarah sees that raise her stress levels. She learns fairly quick that you can’t raise filtered children without creating some psychological damage and decided to turn off the filter and put away the tablet to allow Sarah a “normal” rest of her childhood. Of course, she doesn’t exactly stay true to this once Sarah is a teenager, but I don’t want to spoil anything. Let’s just say I’m glad my parents had a little more trust in me and that I also prepared my own breakfast in the mornings.


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