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Top 5 ‘Arkham City’ DLC I Want to Purchase IMMEDIATELY

I really, really, really enjoyed Arkham City. Sure, there are shorter ways to put that, but it is still true. With Harley’s Revenge coming very soon, I realized I am prepared for as much Arkham City DLC as possible, even if I have to make it myself through the power of imagination.
Therefore, I made this little list, just for you…and the other person. You know, the one secretly watching you….don’t look.

So let’s get started!

5. Oracle Hacking

Remember Dead Space: Ignition? Probably not. It was a motion comic prequel to Dead Space 2 that contained three hacking mini-games and, according to most reviews, the $5 price was worth it only to a Dead Space completist. That’s not relevent to this article though.

Considering Oracle is Batman’s go-to when it comes to computer work, I’d say this style would blend in well and be a case of ‘something new’ in the Arkham series while allowing for a little extra story and perhaps a few hints dropped for the next game.

Just don’t use the art style from the actual Dead Space: Ignition. Didn’t like that at all.


4. The Mad Hatter’s Quest for Alice

Making his video game debut in Arkham City, The Mad Hatter’s crazy brand of brainwashing allowed for a more visiually unique part of the story. I rather enjoyed the voicework provided and the easiest way to access more of that is with a DLC following the nutso (said with all due respect, of course).

In it the small and weak but insanely smart Mad Hatter is on his eternal quest for Alice. After catching sight of Vicki Vale in the G.C.P.D. protected Museum, Hatter’s obsession drives him into a stealh based, mind-controlling story. Crouching up to various guards and unleashing a Mind Control method upon them to gain assistance to help sneak through the rooms.

Whether it be his traditional chip or perhaps a one-and-done Syndicate style “mind control” device, the main purpose of various gadgets would be to avoid being seen since he has a particular weakness to bullets. Basically it’s a Splinter Cell-like idea with a confirmed lunatic giggling his way around.

Yes, it may seem odd to be assisting a villain do something villainous against heroes, but I just see it as a way to set-up the next game…or the next DLC.

3. Aaron Cash: Arkham’s Toughest Civilian

Aaron Cash, the hook-handed Ex- Arkham Guard, first debuted in the Arkham Asylum: A Living Hell comics. A man who had his left hand bitten off by Killer Croc and still patroled the Asylum instead of weeping at home on disability. He is the toughest man in a place holding everyone who has ever gave Batman trouble. (Seriously, Arkham Guards get a bad rap when you consider the square foot of psycho they’re in charge of keeping in one place). He doesn’t have Batman gadgets, just pure guts and one functioning hand.
When it comes to DLC, he could be the person in charge of rescuing Vicki Vale after the before mentioned Mad Hatter idea but a generic set up would be another ex-guard getting kidnapped by Arkham City‘s side character punching bag Two-Face. When Batman can’t be reached for help, Cash decides to suit up and save his friend.

Players would have to adapt to not being able to attack from above which may cause some detractions. Different takedown moves like a loud and impressive Claw Clutch Slam to a silent takedown police baton choke could add in some satisfaction to sneaking up to a boss battle. Considering he has a bulletproof vest, he’d have some reasonable reason to face a few gun toting grunts. Add all of that with a final fight leading to a cut scene rescue and you’ve got a nice side mission.

2. Arkham City Imposters

The downloadable game Gotham City Imposters plays with the idea of random vigilantes dressing as Batman (or as close to Batman as they can) and battling a gang of Joker impersonators flooding Gotham’s streets. Of course, you’ve got the right to fight on either side…but what kind of animal wants to be the Joker…oh. Never mind.

The idea of them hearing of Arkham City and deciding to break in to “Help bring back justice!” is ripe for some added chaos to the already choatic place. This is especially true if a few of the crazy weapons from GCI could be added to Arkham City.

If you fail? It fits with the original’s theme and most likely involves a group of thugs stomping you like smokers on cigarette butts. If you succeed? Moments of happiness followed by Batman sweeping down to rough you up like a regular criminal because he’s the one true vigilante. Now take off that mask and go buy your mother some milk.

1. Killer Croc’s Take a TYGER by the Tail

A Face Only a Mother Could…eh, Probably Not Her, Either.

Debatably misused in the original game by being built as an unstoppable beast and then stopped one batarang at a time, Killer Croc managed to get downgraded to a well hid cameo in Arkham City. I was personally hoping for a bit more with Croc, but there is always the next game…or DLC!

A stealth based DLC as a user controlled Croc prowls the sewers while growing-in-skill set of TYGER Guards come searching for him. Different versions of sewer based combat (enjoy floating under a walkway picking off hapless Guards one by one) could add a variety of potential mauling.

Have a gigantic battle at the end and include character specific takedowns such as a Guard incapacitating Tailwhip or Head Eliminating  Chomp (accessed after a 50X combo). Wrap it all up with a cut scene of him going into the sewers while Strange calls off the hunt and you’ve got a nice little prequel DLC for Croc.

And those are my big ideas.

Understandably, due to the power of opposite opinions, you may roll your eyes at some of my ideas. So, I assume you can do better (and trust me, you probably can). Therefore, I humbly request from the readers, their best Arkham City DLC ideas and the one chosen as “Best” will earn the winner a half year “Total Access” membership to GameSpot which includes:

* High-Speed File & Movie Downloads

* No Intrusive Ads

* HD 720 Downloads

* Downloadable Game Guides

***AND MORE!***

More info found here: http://www.gamespot.com/signup/comparisonchart.html

Please send entries to Shawn@MultiMediaMouth.com. The Deadline is May 30th, giving you a week to apply. I hope you do and thanks for the read!

So until next time…First Arkham City…Then ARKHAM WORLD!

Photos from Gameplay footage, my wonderful MSPaint work, or http://batman.wikia.com

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  1. I like these ideas, but I think a must for a DLC would be a free roam mode for Robin and Nightwing. That would be m************g beast, without the PC mods and stuff.

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