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Six Times ‘Weird Al’ Got Surprisingly Political in His Music

In tales of olden days, the court jester was the only person that could speak truth to the Crown. Going all Don Rickles was a way to let off social pressure and beg the feudal lord for a few more filth bunches to slop about. At least according to movies.

In our world we are chest deep in various jesters (but sadly we are lacking in pointy hats with bells). But, real effective social commentary can come from places that you don’t expect, from sources that don’t advertise it or shove it down your throat. Sources like ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.

Folks may know Al only as the “Eat It” guy. Close personal friends of Al know his multi-decade career has produced a wealth of consistent comedy…and several songs about food. Mostly Al music is focused on silliness, irony, and poking fun at pop culture…and food.  But, occasionally Al will slip some social commentary in with the songs about Oreos and Gilligan’s Island.

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Ben Kuhns
Ben Kuhnshttps://benkuhnsproduction.wordpress.com/
Ben Kuhns is a writer, audio producer and minor local celebrity. He’s an aging nerd, who loves comedy, sci-fi, music, hot sauce and free stuff (hint hint).

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