The Year Of The Tiger Tour Live: Why You Need To Experience Myles Kennedy In Person

Myles Kennedy recently released his debut solo album, Year of the Tiger. Since then, Kennedy has hit the road with a small crew to take his music directly to the people. I attended his show in Los Angeles and had an incredible time.

Many of the people I met at the show described the show as if Kennedy “took them to church” and I couldn’t agree more. From the moment Kennedy took the stage, he had the audience’s attention.

Before the show, I arrived and saw a line wrapping around two corners at the Troubadour in Hollywood. All of those people in line waiting to see Kennedy take the stage.

Inside the Troubadour, Thomas Wynn and the Believers opened up the show with incredible harmonies and made some new fans in the process.

At 8pm, the lights went out and the intro to “Devil On The Wall” blared out from the speakers and the crowd erupted in cheers. You can see on the left hand of the stage a silhouette of a man walking down the famous stairs of the Troubadour and grab a guitar. Kennedy takes over from where the recording left off.

Over the next two hours, Kennedy begins to play songs from his career spanning three decades including songs from the Mayfield Four, Alter Bridge, Slash ft. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators and, of course, his solo record.

Some of the highlights from the Los Angeles Show include Kennedy playing “Losing Patience,” his version of “Wold On Fire,” and his iconic cover of “Traveling Riverside Blues.”

Kennedy has found a way to capture his audience’s attention and play to their emotions and loyalty. It was an incredible night. If you’re a fan of Kennedy, this tour is a great way to see Kennedy perform some of his biggest hits from over the years.