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The Walking Dead recap: Remember


The Walking Dead episode  “Remember” 03/01/15




“You should keep your gates closed”~ Rick

Welcome to Alexandria! Our group was told they would be interviewed in order to stay, and former Congresswoman and Alexandria leader Deanna interviews (and videotapes) our group one by one. She says she exiled 3 people who didn’t work out, but puts no criteria on our group.

Alexandria was (before zombies) a planned sustainable community. That means showers and electricity! New clean clothes for everyone! (Except Darryl, who is refusing to go soft like everyone else.) Despite plenty of housing, our group chooses to hunker together for the time being.


Rick meets Jesse, a woman with two boys (and a creepy husband it turns out,) and a skill for cutting hair. Carl meets her sons and a teen girl who was also on the outside for a while. Carl tells his dad he’s afraid the group will get weak if they stay. He also sees the girl climb the wall and follows, but loses her in the woods. He then runs into Rick, who went looking for a gun in a blender but it’s… GONE!


Aiden is in charge of the run crew, and Glenn, Tara and Noah go with him. Aiden says he lost 3 people to “roamers” on a run last month, and now we know why, Aiden takes too many chances with walkers. Glenn stands his ground when they return, and Deanna lets her group know that the new residents are there to stay. She also names Rick as Michonne the new constables… which lends the question, who puts strangers in charge of an establishment’s safety?

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